Republican Party of Texas Stands Strong Against Government Unsustainable Medicaid Expansion

The State Republican Executive Committee of the Republican Party of Texas (RPT) unanimously passed a strong resolution requesting and empowering our party chairman, Steve Munisteri, to urge

“…the Texas House Republican Caucus to follow the Republican Party of Texas Platform and stand with Governor Perry in opposing the expansion of Medicaid funding in Texas under Obamacare (Affordable Care Act).”

The Medicaid expansion envisioned by the White House and Democrats has been shown to be entirely unsustainable and would escalate out of control, financially speaking. This in turn would quickly consume virtually all of the non-education spending and soon literally bankrupt even the great state of Texas, resulting in an unparalleled budget crisis (since spending is capped by the Texas Constitution).

Chairman Munisteri quickly did just that, penning a letter to the Caucus that said in part that,

“It is the position of the Republican Party of Texas that you should stand firm in your convictions and oppose the expansion of Medicaid in Texas. It is fiscally irresponsible and in direct opposition to the voters who elected you to do otherwise.” [full letter below]

The Caucus met within days of the letter and re-affirmed standing firm with Governor Perry in opposing the Medicaid expansion scheme.

Please contact your Texas legislators, thank them for standing strong on this, and encourage them to continue to do so. House contacts here, Senate contacts here. The full RPT platform is located here.

The Republican Party of Texas continues to demonstrate it is the economically responsible party that seeks to restrain government expansion. Our strong Texas economy is a result and is better for your family and Texas jobs.



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