Rodney Ellis' Omnibus Elections Bill Shuttles Texas Voters Back In Time

We all talk about protecting the Constitution and holding our elected officials accountable. However, unless we work to protect our elections, then the rest is for naught. Unfortunately, the liberal left is always working to perfect the theft of our elections, not just on election day, but through other avenues like voter registration fraud. They also try to steal elections by pushing through legislation that rolls back the safeguards that photo ID and other requirements provide. With the 84th Texas Legislature in full swing, this session proves to be no different than others in the pursuit of the vote.

The state of Texas has come so far with the progress it has made to ensure elections are not stolen. Photo Voter ID was a huge step in the right direction as well as upgrades that were made to the electronic equipment that is used for elections. However, Democrat Rodney Ellis wants to bring all of the progress on election integrity to a screeching halt with Senate Bill 990, as he calls it, "a far-reaching and omnibus bill to improve and protect voting rights in Texas."

Senator Ellis claims that these are "common sense election reforms", but what I think he meant was, that these are 'nonsense election reforms' because the things that he is suggesting that we do as a state in this bill are absolute nonsense.

Let's touch on the first bit of nonsense:

  • Same-day Voter Registration - Allows qualified citizens to register to vote at a polling place on election day. This will allow otherwise eligible voters to register and vote on election day.

I'll tell you what this same-day voter registration will allow, it will allow voters to register in all 900 precincts in Harris County and vote in every one of them. There's also no time to check residency or signatures on a same day registration, both of which are key. In the Wisconsin recall election for Governor Scott Walker, there were forty-five counts and conviction of voter fraud and they all came for same day voter registration.

  • Section 34 of SB 990 states that "a qualified voter is eligible to vote a late ballot as provided by this chapter if the voter has a sickness or physical condition that prevents the voter from appearing at the polls on election day..."

Give me a break! As if two weeks of early voting isn't enough to get yourself to the polls! Oh, and let's just forget about the likelihood of the Democrats getting the vote totals and then figuring out how many 'sick' people they need to show up to vote in order to keep their freebies rolling in! This, again, shows what nonsense this bill really is.

  • Youth Preregistration for Voting - Allows a person to preregister to vote on or after the person's 16th birthday.

Mr. Ellis also would like year old children to be allowed to register to vote. Mr. Ellis would have you believe that by doing this, we would be "engaging young people to vote". I have no doubt that there is truth to that, however, we have enough trouble keeping up with the voters we have now, much less adding a bunch more names of people who aren't even allowed to vote yet. More potential for voter fraud! More confusion at the polls! This could overwhelm the system and cause chaos, actually allowing 16-year-olds to vote at the busiest precincts when election workers are rushed and can't properly take the time to check their status. Something that we definitely do not need.

Friends,the game to steal elections is ALWAYS afoot. We must remain vigilant. As Noah Webster once said, "If the citizens neglect their duty and place unprincipled men in office, the government will soon be corrupted.... If a republic form of government fails to secure public prosperity and happiness, it must be because the citizens neglect the Divine commands, and elect bad men to make and administer the laws."


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