RPT Chairman Should Adhere to RPT Platform & Principles

As we near the Texas state convention in Houston on July 16 – 18, delegates should be prepared to vote on the platform, rules, members for the SREC, delegates to the National Republican Convention, National Committee man and woman to mention a few. Delegates will also have to vote on electing its leadership, namely the chairman and vice chair.

Chairman James Dickey has served the RPT admirably since his election in 2017 and reelection in 2018 and has raised a record breaking amount of funds, $7.9 million for the party, recruited candidates, registered over 100K new Republican voters and supported the party platform. Through his leadership and determination he plans on providing the coveted 38 Texas Electoral votes to President Donald Trump. It is imperative that the RPT chairman support the platform not only at the convention but during the Texas Legislative Session. During the last legislative session, Dickey testified on over 91 bills of interest to the platform. Allen West was nowhere to be seen at the state capitol in the last session.

Chairman Dickey is being challenged by Allen West, basically a ‘newcomer’ to Texas and to Republican politics in Texas, since he has not participated in any of the activities associated with the party. West has not done any fundraising, recruiting, or any of the basics like phone banking or block walking or donating to the party. Instead he has spent his time speaking about ‘messaging’ without otherwise lifting a finger, or knowing anything about the party.

What West does best is ‘message’ to his fans his personal views on current events, the black community, historical events, Texas history and American history and how things should be run. He is a talented writer and has several books under his belt.

It has come to light that West was interviewed by the Montgomery County Tea Party in January of this year and made the astounding assertion that life begins at 18 days. His interpretation or ‘beliefs’ do not align with the RPT Principles which include:
2. The sanctity of innocent human life, created in the image of God, which should be protected from fertilization to natural death.

West’s ‘interpretation’ also does not align with the Prolife groups in Texas that life begins at fertilization. The Bible tells us and science teaches us that life begins at conception.


In a recent US Vote Smart questionnaire West answered questions about his beliefs on personhood. He answered that, “I am not a human biologist. My belief is that when there is a heartbeat, there is a living human. I believe that is proven to be around 18 days.”

In the person to person interview held in January 2020 by the Montgomery County Tea Party he clarified his statement that his ‘interpretation’ is that life begins at 18 days. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=761&v=qS2SNmVcuwo&feature=emb_logo

The interviewer questioned West on his written questionnaire which read: At what point should the "right to life" or "personhood" be granted to new human beings (e.g., at conception, birth, 5 days old, etc.)? What action, if any, will you take to reflect this in law?

Allen West: I am not a human biologist. My belief is that when there is a heartbeat, there is a living human...I believe that is proven to be around 18 days.

These are his exact words from the verbal interview which can be heard on the link provided.

Q: You believe that life begins at 18 days. So it’s ok to terminate fetus before 18 days?

A: ALLEN WEST: I’m not saying it’s ok but my interpretation is:

My interpretation is and that’s an easy way to stand up and fight against this would be when that Heartbeat starts, which is exactly why people are passing the heartbeat bills because you can’t argue against when the heartbeat starts that’s a viable human being. So again when you go over to the left you got to put them on the defense, you got to be able to say this is a life there’s a heartbeat. We are not going down that path now. From the ability to be able to go out and message this and stand against the other side that’s the best way for us to be able to go forward.

If elected as the Republican Party Chairman, West will ‘message’ that life begins at 18 days when the heartbeat is detected. Republicans do not need to be redefining when life begins when ‘messaging’ to the other side. Life begins at fertilization and NOT ‘at 18 days’.

It’s going to be interesting to see how or if he is going to walk back his statement that he believes life begins at 18 days.

There were other questions posed to West like, ‘Do you promise, if elected, to abide by the RPT platform? It was interesting that he so readily said, “Yes, I will, but I believe that we need to refine, refocus, and prioritize the RPT platform, 332 items is far too excessive.

It’s also obvious that West has not read the Republican Party Platform because he seemed oblivious to the fact that the Delegates vote on the planks at each state convention. Does he believe that he is going to instruct the SREC on how to prioritize the 332 platform planks? His answer that he could refine, refocus, and prioritize the 332 planks at will should make all Delegates wonder what exactly he meant by ‘refocus’.

Delegates must concentrate on what is crucial to Keep Texas Red. It isn’t redefining or refocusing our values, our principles. It is how we stand against the Socialist agenda that seems to be pervading our society and how to keep Texas as our nation’s leader.

Fight, Never give up!


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