Russians Didn’t Hack DNC Email

Surprised to learn that it wasn’t the Russians who hacked the DNC email system?

As it turns out, the Russian story was likely just a cover. Subterfuge. More Democrats’ “look over there” strategy meant to accomplish two things.

First, the strategy got people’s minds off the real issue: Democrats cheat. And as the emails proved, Democrats will stop at nothing to win; just ask newly minted multi-millionaire Bernie Sanders.

Second, the subterfuge got everybody talking badly about Donald Trump, and tied him to the mean Russians. Who better to be the villain, than the Russians…and TRUMP! Rocky versus Drago.

I said at the time, nice temporary strategy, that is until the truth comes out and proves that Hillary Clinton is indeed crooked, and a big fat liar.

Crooked Hillary Clinton got her boost in the polls, albeit very temporary. But even that’s bad news for Hillary Clinton. Because as the polls begin to drop–already happening–then the Clinton machine has to spin the drop. That’s where the problem deepens, as Clinton’s team waits for the next ACME anvil to fall on their heads.

Back to the hack. According to the Federalist, the real hacker is the infamous Guccifer.

Below is a recent tweet where Guccifer showcases new information supposedly obtained from the DNC email system:



On Guccifer’s new Twitter feed, there is a treasure trove of proof that he is the likely DNC email hacker, and not the Russians.

How will the DNC spin this new revelation? I’d say they will ignore it. After the investment they made to tie Trump to put, and to implicate the Russians in American elections, the Dems have little choice but to ignore the story.

They do have a problem, however. email CONTENT.

We find ourselves back where we started, and that’s looking at the content of those emails. Remember? The emails where we learned that the DNC conspired against Bernie Sanders. And what of the other revelations regarding crooked campaign finance, and pay to play.

The Democrats thought they had ducktaped Pandora’s Box shut. Unfortunately for them, the tempest is about to escape that teapot, I predict.


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