Sam Johnson Introduces Bill to Ensure IRS Provides Veterans Access to Health Care Tax Credits

On Thursday, I introduced the Veterans Equal Treatment Ensures Relief and Access Now (VETERAN) Act, which would cement in legislation the IRS's current practice of providing eligible veterans the choice to get financial support for a private plan in lieu of enrolling in health care provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs. 

Our veterans have put their lives on the line to defend freedom and our individual liberties, and they are promised affordable access to health care through the VA when they return home. However, some veterans choose to forgo this health care option.  That’s where my VETERANS Act comes into play.  This bill would provide veterans the certainty that they will continue to have access to health care if they decide the VA isn’t the best fit for their health care needs.  I thank our veterans for their service and sacrifice to our Great Nation, and I look forward to seeing this bill swiftly signed into law.

What you should know about the VETERAN Act:

  • Veterans who currently receive health care subsidies to buy private health insurance will experience no change to their current treatment under the law. 
  • This measure will codify current regulation, providing a "belt and suspenders" level of protection for our veterans.

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