Police Officers and Breitbart Texas Boss Slam Judson for Immigration Attacks Against Straus

Top law enforcement and conservative thought leaders like Brandon Darby, the Managing Director of Breitbart Texas, are saying attacks against Texas House Speaker Joe Straus leveled his political opponents about immigration are unfounded and disgusting.

Jeff Judson, one of Straus’ opponents in the March 1 GOP primary election, has said Straus is to blame for the murder of a young man in Houston last year who was gunned down by an illegal immigrant who went on a shooting spree. The other Republican candidate in the race, activist Sheila Bean, has echoed those same attacks against Straus.

“As officers who have worked closely with the families of murder victims, we find it outrageous that Jeff Judson and Sheila Bean would blame Joe Straus for the acts of a violent criminal,” the San Antonio Police Officers Association said in a statement. “Joe Straus is a champion for public safety and an outstanding partner to those of us who fight crime in San Antonio day after day. This was a serious and terrible crime that should not be politicized, and it’s a shame that Mr. Judson and Ms. Bean have made this very poor choice.”

"Using a grieving father to accuse Joe Straus of a horrific murder committed by a career criminal is deplorable and irresponsible,” said Republican Bexar County Sheriff Susan Pamerleau. “No one has done more to secure the border than Joe Straus."

Jackson County Sheriff A.J. Louderback said, “Jeff Judson’s and Sheila Bean’s decision to blame Speaker Joe Straus for this tragic crime is appalling and reprehensible. Sheriffs across the state of Texas know that law enforcement has a true ally in Speaker Straus and look forward to working with Speaker Straus to continue to secure the safety of Texans.”

Breitbart Texas Boss Brandon Darby continues to speak out against these attacks on Straus. On social media, Darby has repeatedly asked Judson to justify the attacks. Judson has gone silent when challenged by Darby, who also spoke out about the controversy on the West Texas Drive Radio Show in Lubbock last week.

Scott Braddock, Editor of the Quorum Report, was in Lubbock as Darby went public with his thoughts:

Saying conservatives should not "sit silent" when lies are told in campaigns, Darby said the border security attacks on Straus, Frullo, and others are over the line. "We've gotten to the point at going against Straus that we have forsaken fairness and reality," Darby said. Darby said he is not picking sides in Texas House races, but he wanted to make clear that the attacks being orchestrated by Dunn’s spokesman Michael Quinn Sullivan are untrue.

"This is dishonest and unfair,” said Darby, who has made a name for himself in Texas by, among other things, uncovering the images of children being held in detention centers along the border in 2014.


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