San Jacinto Day 2022

Thursday, on the anniversary of routing the Mexican dictator Santa Anna at the Battle of San Jacinto, Texas celebrated the hard-won birth of our republic and the restoration of our God-given liberties as a people. The spirits of 1836 and 1776, in this regard, are one and the same. 

However, 186 years after San Jacinto, Texas is once again under siege. 

This time it is by dangerous cartels, deadly drug traffickers, criminals, and terrorists exploiting open borders while CBP is distracted by the surge of migrants — and by an ever-encroaching federal government that continues to enable cartels and human traffickers while violating their sacred oaths to the Constitution and the American people.

We as Texans must reembrace the fundamentally Texan values and the independent spirit that makes Texas great. It is up to us fight for our rights — including the right to a secure border and safe communities — now threatened by a tyrannical federal administration. As we celebrate the defeat of tyranny on this San Jacinto Day, let us remember that the fight against it never ends. God bless Texas.


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