Schumer Jeopardizing Bipartisan Semiconductor Funding for Doomed Spending Spree

Monday I discussed Senator Schumer’s decision to hold up the funding for the CHIPS for America Act in a futile attempt to try and pass his reckless spending legislation. Excerpts of my remarks are below, and video can be found here

Earlier this summer, a conference committee was appointed and began negotiating a compromise bill that would finally fund the CHIPS Act and make other critical investments in our national security and competitiveness.

The CHIPS Act was designed to try to bring back on shore American manufacturing of advanced semiconductors… But with the CHIPS funding on the five-yard line, the Majority Leader, the Senator from New York, has tossed a grenade into the end zone.

Why would you possibly jeopardize such an important national security priority? Apparently so Democrats can try to, yet again, pass their unpopular social welfare bill.

Senator Schumer has chosen to revive the Build Back Broke bill because we're just months from an election where polls suggest that his party is going to get swept out of control and instead of Majority Leader, he will become the Minority Leader.

My desire to fund the CHIPS Act has not changed, but Senator Schumer's choices have taken an already difficult job and made it nearly impossible. He's trying to turn what has been a bipartisan process into a partisan exercise.

I hope the Democratic Leader will reconsider and will abandon his partisan spending spree so we can spend the next three weeks passing the CHIPS funding as part of the USICA with broad bipartisan support.



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