Schumer Shuts Down the Senate – Unless It Benefits Him

Minority Leader Chuck Schumer planned to force a vote on S.J. Res.2 despite previously calling for a blockade on all legislative work while the government is partially shut down.

I would like to just point out the hypocrisy of our colleagues across the aisle who have refused to take up any legislation whatsoever, like the Senate Bill 1 that's on the floor, that would take extraordinarily positive measures to protect our most important allies in the Middle East, including Israel and Jordan. They've filibustered that bill and said, ‘well, we're not going to take up any legislation until the government is back open, all 100% of it.’ So for the past two weeks the Minority Leader has paralyzed the work of the Senate.

The impetus is on the Democrats to come forward and negotiate a resolution of the shutdown in good faith. But to this point, the Speaker, Ms. Pelosi, and the Minority Leader, Senator Schumer, have simply refused to negotiate with the President.

This is hypocrisy at its worst.


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