Sen. Cruz: Big Tech is the Single Greatest Threat to Free Speech and Democracy

Last week, U.S. I appeared on the House Freedom Caucus podcast hosted by Rep. Jody Hice (R-Ga.) and ‘Louder with Crowder' with Steven Crowder, where I discussed the pattern of political censorship and bias from Big Tech, the House Democrat's circus impeachment process, and news of the day.

On the House Freedom Caucus podcast, I highlighted my concerns with Big Tech and its troubling pattern of political censorship, which I described as "the single greatest threat" to free speech and democracy:

"I think number one, it is an enormous problem. I think it is the single greatest threat to free speech. The single greatest threat to democracy. [...] And the reason is look; there have always been biased journalists from the very first days from the very first journalists who were carving a message in a stone tablet. There were biased journalist. What's different is the massive power that Big Tech has aggregated.

I continued, noting the massive influence Big Tech has over our political discourse:

"About 70 percent of Americans get their political news online. So, it is the source for a super majority of the public discourse. But here's the part that is so invidious. It's invisible. Big Tech has the ability if they don't like what you're saying simply to shadow ban you, just to silently have whatever you say, whatever you post, disappear into the ether and you can't tell. Nobody else can tell. Just nobody hears.

"On the flip side, if they have views they want to promote, they can just collate your feed, so you only see the views you only see the information they want to."

On ‘Louder with Crowder,' when I was asked about the House's impeachment efforts I said:

"Most Americans have tuned this out. When I go home to Texas, nobody asks me about this [impeachment]. This is a Washington circus. People are interested in jobs and their own lives.

Following Speaker Pelosi's announcement that the House will go forward with articles of impeachment, I added:

"When we get to the Senate, I think the Senate, I hope and believe, will do a much better job being fair. And we're going to let both sides present their case. And that means, if the White House wants to call witnesses, if they want to call Hunter Biden as witness, if they want to call the whistleblower as a witness, both of them I think are obviously very relevant fact witnesses. The White House wants to call them, I think the Senate we should let them call them so both sides can present the facts and evidence. This shouldn't be just a political show trial.

"The unifying theme among Democrats right now is they hate Donald Trump. And a lot of these congressional Democrats decided they wanted to remove Trump in November of 2016. They're mad at the American people for voting for him. And if you disagree with the president - I get that. They disagree with him on policy, on politics. That's what our democratic process is about. Engage, argue, and if you disagree with someone try to beat them at the ballot box."

Listen to my full interview with House Freedom Caucus podcast here. Watch my full interview with ‘Louder with Crowder' here.


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