Sen. Cruz Issues Statement After Call With Ukrainian President Zelenskyy

As a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, I put out the following statement after a call with Ukrainian President Zelenskyy:

The Ukrainian people and President Zelenskyy are showing the world what a free country looks like when fighting for its survival against totalitarian aggression, even at overwhelming odds. We have all been moved by their bravery and heroism.

It is incumbent upon the United States to ensure that our Ukrainian allies have what they need to defend themselves, and that Putin does not have resources he needs to fund his war machine.  

President Zelenskyy told us his top priority is that the Ukrainians need to take back their skies, which are being used by Putin to wage war against cities and murder civilians. The United States and our allies should move immediately to provide them above all else with fighter jets, as well as with Stingers and other anti-aircraft assets. We must also continue supplying them with additional lethal aid, especially Javelins. Democrats in the Senate need to end their delays, and the Biden administration needs to cease withholding actionable intelligence from Kyiv.

Meanwhile, the United States should immediately implement an oil and gas embargo on Russia. If the Biden administration won't do so on its own, Congress should mandate that they do so. As President Zelenskyy told us, boycotting Russian oil and gas would be the most potent sanction we can impose, by far, and it is also the only economic sanction that can tenably and quickly affect Russia's ability to continue financing its aggression. 

In the coming days Congress will focus on aid to Ukraine. We should consider a standalone Ukraine military aid package to get them the assistance they need as quickly as possible. Ukraine, its people, and its leaders will not survive if we settle for half-measures and delay.


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