Sen. Cruz Leads Amicus Briefs To Protect Religious Liberty

As a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, I was joined by colleagues in both chambers to lead an amicus brief to stand up for the religious liberty of our Navy SEALS given the erosion of their First Amendment rights from vaccine mandates. Additionally, I led 38 of my Senate and House colleagues in challenging President Biden’s illegal vaccine mandate on federal employees.

Forcing employees to choose between their COVID vaccination and their job is wrong. The Biden administration is actively, egregiously undermining our national security and our First Amendment rights through these mandates. My colleagues and I refuse to stand idly by as religious liberty is threatened. I am proud to be on the front lines of the fight to protect the rights guaranteed by our Constitution.

I have continually fought for religious and healthcare freedom. I have:

The full text of the Navy SEAL vaccine mandate amicus brief can be found here.

The full text of the federal employee vaccine mandate amicus brief can be found here.


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