Sen. Cruz Meets Texas Church Students Evacuated From Niger

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) this past week met with the twelve young Texans from Harmony Hill Baptist Church who were trapped in Niger during the middle of a coup a few weeks ago. The Texans were successfully evacuated and made it back to Texas on August 3rd.

“It was wonderful meeting with these young Texans and thanking them for their commitment and their courage. While on a mission trip to Niger, trying to help those who are struggling, they became trapped by the coup. I worked closely with the State Department and Rep. Sessions from the outset to keep them safe, bring them home, and to make sure they were in contact with their families and church leaders throughout. Heidi and I thank God the situation was resolved, and we were able to work swiftly to get them out of Niger. I’m grateful they’re back home safe in Lufkin.”


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