‘The Senate should be ashamed of itself’: Rep. Roy condemns ‘indefensible’ $40B unpaid-for Ukraine slush fund bill

Thursday night, I joined Tucker Carlson on Fox News to call out Congress for passing a bill that sends 40 billion dollars to Ukraine without serious debate — and while ignoring the American people suffering from inflation.

Key quotes from the interview are below and the interview clip is available here.

"It's indefensible to fund 40 billion dollars, unpaid for, at a time of rampant inflation in our country. And in fact, you're basically pouring five-dollar gasoline on the runaway fire of inflation, for the men and women who are working hard throughout this country.

"The senators are now hiding behind, saying, 'oh, 40 billion dollars isn't that much money, Tucker, 40 billion dollars, isn't that much money.' And you know what they're saying? They're saying, 'take a leap of faith and make sure that we put our faith in the brass at the Pentagon,' the same brass that walked out of Afghanistan, leaving 85 billion of dollars equipment behind, walked away from Bagram, the same brass that told us two months ago that Kiev would fall in a week. Why are we following that?”

"The Senate should be ashamed of itself, passing a 40 billion dollar unpaid for bill, while the American people are suffering with rampant inflation.”

“And you know what's happening in the House? You have my colleagues in the House, who are coming up to me and saying, 'oh, Chip, you guys in the Freedom Caucus are daring to force votes on a bunch of bills and making us vote. We've missed eight fundraisers this week.' Fundraisers, Tucker! Oh, I'm sorry. Did we interfere with your steak dinner, rather than doing the work for the American people? That's what the American people are sick of in this town.”


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