Socializing with Indivisible Denton – Part II

Many Congressmen have suspended Town Halls but Congressman Michael Burgess continues to give his constituents that forum to express their views. While Indivisible Denton (ID) asserts that their Denton community has “been really respectful” ……. and “that Denton distinguishes itself by trying to stay civil but assertive”,[i] the YouTube post of Amber Briggle’s cabaret of complaints of injustice and discrimination tells a different story. Individual Denton’s jeering of Congressman Burgess, while drowning out his answers to Briggle’s retorts, reveals how these Town Halls have degenerated into acid dumps of hostility with the left spewing their venom of intolerant identity politics from color, religion and sex to sexual preference.

Wrong Side of History

Briggle’s condescending attack ridicules Congressman Burgess for allegedly being on the wrong side of history because of his opposition to creating preferential laws for special classes. Her haughty concluding attack suggests there is still time for him to be on the right side of history.

Special Unwarranted Protections

Awarding special classes of people unwarranted protection through supra legal rights undermines the normal rule of law. Briggle cited several examples of overt discrimination - slavery, women’s right to vote, and school segregation - all of which were righted under the normal rule of law. The consequences of usurping the existing normal rule of law flip the burden of proof from the accuser to the accused and leave the onus on everyone else not to discriminate. Although the accused still has Constitutional protections, the protected classes’ special rights supersede those of the accused. Because of this, Republican majorities at the federal and state level have nixed the left’s attempts to award special protections to special groups so the left has concentrated their efforts at the municipal level.  Case in point is North Carolina’s HB 2 to counter the Charlotte, NC, city ordinance which required places of public accommodation to allow anyone to use whatever restroom they choose based on their self-identified gender. The real issue wasn’t about bathrooms or transgendered persons; it was about municipalities creating special classes and awarding them special protections. [ii]

Unintended Consequences

Under the cloud of supra legal rights for protected classes, would the prudent independent business post a potential career position, knowing that they could be sued for discrimination and then have to prove their innocence? More than likely the position will be filled by word of mouth to avoid the insurrection of the totalitarian left. Consequently, qualified candidates would be denied access and the employer may not hire the best employee.

True Civil Assertiveness

Congressman Burgess demonstrated true civil assertiveness with the following statement: “If my congressional career is over as a consequence of passing things through Congress that make things better, I’m okay with that, we’re even.”

Socializing with Indivisible Denton - Part I

[i] Daniel Burgess, “Indivisible Denton Members Making Their Voices Heard,” Denton Record Chronicle, April 30, 2017.

[ii] Tom Giovanetti,"How the Texas Legislature can solve the bathroom bill dilemma without using the words ‘bathroom’ or ‘transgender’. Dallas Morning News , April 1 , 2017.


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