Soros Must Stop Meddling in the Democratic Process of Other Nations

Billionaire George Soros is undermining our democratic allies in Europe. For decades he has spent billions of dollars financing activists, journalists, and politicians to challenge democratically elected leaders who do not prescribe to Mr. Soros' left-wing worldview.

His meddling in foreign politics is far from a noble cause and should be discouraged. Mr. Soros has targeted much of his efforts on our NATO ally Hungary, where he opposes the policies of the democratically elected prime minister.

By trying to subvert an elected leader, Mr. Soros and his network of well-paid activists are working against the will of the Hungarian people.

Through his propaganda networks and so-called “policy institutes” he is trying to manipulate public opinion to support his left-wing causes and tarnish the image of our Hungarian allies.

Like every sovereign democratic nation, Hungarians have the right to elect their own leaders and not be the target of some billionaire's schemes. Mr. Soros is even using his lavishly funded organizations to lobby other European states to pressure Hungary.

This is unacceptable. We too, as an independent free nation, do not want big money or foreign influences meddling in our political process.

Mr. Soros must cease undermining our freedom-loving allies. His foreign wealth should not afford him outsized influence to push his left-wing agenda on the people of Hungary. If we want money and foreign influence out of politics here, we must expect that wealthy Americans show the same respect abroad.

And that's just the way it is.


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