State Sovereignty And The New Republican Healthcare Plan: The Freedom Caucus Has Agreed

I have not posted since the election in November. Though Trump has done some good things that only very few of his Republican primary opponents might have, I thought the party’s embrace of his oblivion to and sometimes defiance of the Republican Party platform was incredibly craven. I didn’t feel right to offer criticism of Republican party officials and their leveraged nominee-now president on a Republican website. But this issue in an article, raises a critical consideration for conservatism and Republicans at this point.

Think about this. Ben Shapiro's reflections are correct, particularly that "this reverses the federalism polarity: normally, the federal government does not get to participate in a cramdown of federal policy, giving states the option of cancelling it. Instead, the federal government does not get to occupy an area, and states have the obligation to fill it if they so choose." At least that's how it was supposed to be, but mostly hasn't been in a very long time.

It's been clear for a long time, and one would hope people begin to realize it, that the federal government, usually even under Republicans, is not going to so constrain itself. And yes we've seen that usually states will not assert themselves against unhealthy destructive federal candy. But this may in fact be the best we can hope for from a rare complete federal government majority of faint-hearted Republicans.

I think the only conceivable remedy is to throw the weight on the states so that we can judge the valor of our more local governments and stop blaming the distant feckless feds. Let's put the pressure on the states to just BEGIN to assert their constitutional deference.

States can do a better job of maintaining freedom for individuals and markets, and commercial/technological development, and at the same time work will all elements in the state to secure health care for those with special problems. And they can also work with all elements of the state to better determine who is most worthy of help and who can be encouraged to help themselves and how.

Here in Texas, will Greg Abbott refuse to accept the tainted federal candy? I think he might. I certainly hope he will. I have been dissatisfied with his willingness to legally battle the federal government, but ultimately cede to the decrees of the federal judicial oligarchy, as any American law student knows they "must."

That's really the crux of the problem: mass media and education have trained most American states and people that they are begging serfs, not the sovereigns The Constitution declared them to be.


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