Statement on Judge’s Ruling on the Tinslee Lewis Case

I released the following statement on Tinslee Lewis in Cook Children’s Hospital and the Texas Advance Directives Act.

Chief Justice Sandee B. Marion issued a ruling today denying a temporary injunction filed to require indefinite medical interventions for Tinslee Lewis, a terminally ill infant at Cook Children’s Medical Center. This case centers around the dispute resolution process within the Texas Advanced Directives Act (TADA). We don’t see how she could have ruled any other way. As we have stated previously, Texas Alliance for Life supports TADA. It is good public policy, it is constitutional, and it provides a balance between the patient’s autonomy and the physician’s conscience protection rights to do no harm. We are praying for the family and all involved in Tinslee’s care.

Here is the link to the amicus curiae brief filed by Texas Alliance for Life and other supporters of the law.


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