Stealing Second - What Happens to America After the Second Amendment is Gone

As you know, I have written many posts on the current gun control debate raging like a California forest fire across our nation. Over the weekend, I received a post on my Facebook Page from Nicholas Antinozzi, author of an interesting book, Stealing Second about his views on this debate. I asked him if I could publish the message here. He agreed.

After reading his message I looked up his book online and purchased a copy to read this weekend. Here is what Amazon says about the book.

Stealing Second takes a look into future America, an unarmed America, where unmanned drones rule the skies and UN troops police the population. Across the country, detention camps spring up like weeds. Americans are given two weeks to turn in their firearms. But those who believe Americans will easily give up their arms have another thing coming. Washington only succeeds in angering the American People and the country plunges into a second revolutionary war. With the odds stacked heavily against them, Americans fight back to preserve their liberty.

It is a fictional story about a man named Gary Smith who, like many Americans, believed he could trust the American government to do what it was supposed to be doing. You know, following the Constitution and defending our rights and liberties. Suddenly Gary notices he was wrong and his trust was misplaced. The book follows his, and other like-minded Americans', pursuit of recapturing their lost rights.

Following are Antinozzi's comments from my Facebook page:

Nick AntinozziI just want to throw my two cents in on the gun control issue. No matter where you stand, our government and media have launched an all-out attack on one of our civil rights. You can argue magazine capacities and firearm models until you're blue in the face. In fact, that's exactly what they want you to do. Cloud the issue. They have an agenda and it has nothing to do with models or capacities. This assault is on our Bill of Rights, which, by law, they have no right to tread upon.

They want everyone to register their weapons, all of them. The only purpose of this registration will be so they have your information, so when they declare firearms to be illegal, which they will, the government will have your name and address. Time is short. They're trying to ram this down our throats as fast as they can. As Americans, we can't allow it.

Do you really believe that once they start limiting firearm models, that they'll stop? Look at Canada. Look at the UK. Look at Australia. Then look at China, Russia, and Nazi Germany. This isn't about AR 15's or high capacity magazines. This is about our Second Amendment. Once they've been successful in dismantling it, in watering it down, do you really think they'll stop? I don't.

I've done a lot of research on the Second Amendment and it is fascinating stuff. Our Founding Fathers saw this time coming and they rewrote this Amendment many times until they felt it was airtight. They had a good reason for doing so.

Despite what you may think, this isn't a left/right issue. The crooks in Washington are two heads of the same snake. Don't be fooled by them. They quit working for We the People long ago. Please, don't put your trust in these people. They can't even balance a budget. Stand firm in your rights granted under the Constitution and be heard. We aren't going to stand by and let them strip a right from us that we hold sacred. The right to defend ourselves from all enemies, both foreign and domestic, shall not be infringed upon.

The time has come to stand up and be counted. I refuse to give up my rights granted under the Constitution because our country refuses to punish criminals according to the crime, nor does it provide treatment facilities for dangerous, mentally ill patients. Those things are beyond my control. Do not assume that our government's stupidity and callousness grants them the right to pass legislation to take away my rights, to fit their purpose. That just doesn't wash with me. If your guns scare you, turn them in and have them melted down. I hope it makes you feel safer. They're not getting mine.

Nick, thank you for your comments and for the work you put into this interesting book. I look forward to reading it over the weekend.



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