On the Supreme Court, the People Have Spoken

The Supreme Court plays an essential function in our government, and there was simply too much at stake not to let the American people, through their selection of the next President, to have a say.  

So the American people knew, I think, what they were choosing between — activist judges who essentially operated as an unaccountable, unelected legislator wearing a black robe, or judges who believed in a more traditional role for the judiciary, judges who actually interpret the written words on the page passed by the Congress and signed into law, or the Constitution itself. I believe that's how our Founding Fathers intended our separation of powers to work.  

So now that we've heard from the American people, I look forward to going through the confirmation process.  

I'm optimistic we'll be able to move forward with President-elect Trump's nominee to fill the bench, and we'll soon be up to full speed of nine Justices.  

We've heard in recent months our friends across the aisle say how important it is to fill the vacancy left by the death of Justice Scalia. Now, we know they disagree with us on our decision to leave that decision to the voters who selected the next President, but I trust they'll feel the same way … now that the people have spoken. It’s the American people who I believe have made a choice in the type of judge they want confirmed to the court. They determined that what our country needs is a justice committed to the rule of law and to the Constitution, not politics, not value judgments, but enforcing the law as written. And I look forward to helping the new Administration deliver that for the American people.


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