Taiwan Is Exemplar of Liberty and Best Hope for Peace in East Asia

After Saturday’s democratic elections in Taiwan, I want to applaud the Taiwanese people for their tenacity, and I call for America’s reaffirmed commitment to Taiwan’s security. Saturday was a monumental day for the people of Taiwan and the region of East Asia. With their sixth presidential election and ninth Parliamentary election, the men and women of Taiwan have spoken as one by reaffirming their democracy through a free process.

Amidst a region marked by growing instability, their tenacious witness to the promise of liberty is a beacon of light to their neighbors yearning to be free. America honors our friend and ally today, knowing that Taiwan offers hope to redeem the memory of Tiananmen Square and provides inspiration to the people of Hong Kong as they continue to strive for political liberty.

Now more than ever, we must stand with Taiwan and reaffirm our commitment to their security. I was proud to lead this charge during last year’s National Defense Authorization Act, which reiterated America’s continued pledge, in accordance with the Taiwan Relations Act, to enable Taiwan’s self-defense. This, in conjunction with Ronald Reagan’s ‘Six Assurances,’ is the foundation of U.S.-Taiwan relations. In this new year, the United States must move forward with renewed will to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with this exemplar of liberty and the best hope for peace in East Asia.


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