Tar Heel State Gives Ted Cruz Texas Welcome

Six days ago 2,500 people attended a Fox News/Megyn Kelly Town Hall meeting with Ted Cruz in Raleigh, North Carolina. I arrived at 10:30 with a Cruz Field Director to a sea of overflow supporters. As we walked through the line, we heard buzzing conversations of people who had waited from 8:00 AM, many traveling Texas-like distances to hear him speak. Senator Cruz’s thunderous standing ovations are commonplace in Texas. Senator Cruz received a deafening ovation at the 2014 Texas GOP State Convention which recognized that he had honored the commitments made to the men and women who elected him. This shared love of freedom and liberty and the knowledge that Ted Cruz is the only constitutional conservative in the race is driving voters from neighboring states to witness his much anticipated events. Seeing is believing and Ted never disappoints.

David Dewhurst – Donald Trump of Texas

In 2012, Ted Cruz’s stunning upset of oil mogul and then Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst astounded the political elite. Dewhurst’s ability to throw a check at whatever obstacle or expense he encountered did not intimidate the Cruz resolve. Ted’s funding was grass roots inspired then as it is now. He started at 2% in the polls and shocked the state with a resilient grass roots team which forced a runoff no one saw coming. The Texas State Republican Convention was held during the week prior to the Cruz/Dewhurst debate that preceded the runoff election.

As I walked through the convention hall I heard a very young voice ask, “Do you have your Ted Cruz sticker?” I answered no and before I could take another step, he proudly planted his small but firm hand in the middle of my chest with my ‘Ted Cruz for Senate’ sticker. He answered gleefully; “There you go!” and moved on to do his part for Senator-to-be Ted Cruz. As I entered the convention hall, the Dewhurst and Cruz campaign staffs were simultaneously entering for radio interviews. The Cruz staff had the confidence and bounce in their steps like a team who knew that victory was in sight. Conversely, the Dewhurst staff’s body language, as they shuffled across the floor like octogenarians on a bad arthritis day, told the story. They knew they were beaten. David Dewhurst and Ted Cruz were going to debate mano a mano prior to the runoff election.

Mailer of Deceit

The week of the convention I received a vicious false mailer accusing Ted Cruz of siding with the “Red Chinese” because he litigated (not argued) a case involving a trademark dispute for an American tire company that manufactured their products in China. This would prove to be Dewhurst’s downfall. Ted challenged Dewhurst in the debate by asking him, “Do you stand by maligning my patriotism?” This was a Reagan/Mondale moment as Dewhurst’s poor imitation of a Texas two-step drew boos from the crowd. Ted went on to win by 16 points.

North Carolina: Texas Redux

Tuesday’s North Carolina welcome for Ted Cruz at the Fox News/Town Hall was overwhelming. The standing ovation he received had the same passion and energy as the 2014 Texas GOP Convention. The Raleigh event was smaller, but actually more remarkable in another way. The ’14 Texas GOP State Convention was the largest event of the year and was two years in the planning. God’s favor graced the Cruz campaign as this North Carolina event was planned and implemented with less than 24 hours’ notice. It also revealed that the more people get to know him, the more they connect. Senator Cruz’s ardent supporters know this is their last opportunity to have their voices heard. They share Cruz’s distrust for the Washington cartel and the crony capitalism that accompanies it. We have been separated from the Constitution for seven years and this is their final chance to rescue the founding principles that are the bedrock of this nation’s unique greatness. After the town hall meeting Senator Cruz spent time with the crowds that could not get into the event venue. Over 1,000 supporters volunteered for the campaign. Neither the awakening that put the exclamation point on this rally, nor the bond Ted Cruz has cemented with his followers, will ever be recognized by the elite pundits. When Ted Cruz wins the Republican Presidential Primary, theories as to how it happened will abound but they will not even consider the why. Ted Cruz is a servant leader who does what he says he will do. Integrity matters. What a unique concept!

Where Is He Today?

I wonder where the child with the Ted Cruz sticker is today. Donald Trump can talk about good deals, better deals, bad deals or no deal but that child knew then that Ted Cruz was the real deal. My bet is that he calling on an IPhone from Texas into North Carolina pushing Ted Cruz to victory in the Tar Heel state.


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