Ted Cruz: The Constitution trumps public opinion

That point bears constant repetition, because this is the urgent thing that sets Cruz apart. Utah Senator Mike Lee was asked to comment on all three announced Republican candidates. He said each (Cruz, Paul, Rubio) was a friend and what was notably positive about them. About Cruz he said, "He's PASSIONATE about The Constitution. He learned it young and knows it by heart..."

This statement is what distinguishes Cruz from other Republicans who are denounced by many conservatives. Others might SAY that they revere The Constitution. But when constitutional principle is applied to an issue where there are troubled waters in public opinion, that's when the sphincter seizes into a perpetual pucker and the knees buckle. Cruz is one of us who identifies constitutional principle as a socially fortuitous subset of God's truth that it is frankly immoral as well as detrimental to disregard.

So in his clear fashion, Cruz defends and advocates for the constitutional principle. Among today's politicians, that's HUGE! Conventional politicos repeatedly say that there is no difference between Cruz and other "Tea Party" sorts and what they call "establishment" Republicans on objectives; only on tactics. That may be the case. But it is their tactics, not their sentiments that makes of Republicans, losers.

The truth is never clearly defined and assertively promoted. Democrats at least give counterfeit morality a public hearing. But the truth gets a mincing flinching whimper if any hearing at all. That's why the American ideal is failing. If you speak the truth with boldness and it is rejected, it’s on the listener. If you do not, IT'S ON YOU!


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