Texas Alliance for Life Statement on HB 896

Texas Alliance for Life is not recommending the Legislature pass HB 896. Our goal is to completely protect unborn babies from abortion beginning at fertilization. However, HB 896 will not do that, because it has little chance of surviving a federal court challenge as it violates Supreme Court precedent. That precedent prevents states from banning abortion on babies who have not reached viability. While unjust and out of touch with modern science, it cannot be ignored.

We are also greatly concerned that HB 896 criminalizes women on whom an abortion is performed. We strongly oppose that policy. Women were never prosecuted for abortion in Texas or in any other state before Roe. It is not right to start now. We need to focus on stopping abortion doctors and promoting compassionate alternatives to abortion, not on putting women in prison cells.

We agree with House Judiciary and Civil Jurisprudence Chairman Jeff Leach 100%, who released the following statement on HB 896 on Twitter yesterday, and we thank him for his leadership.


For more information on Life-related bills in the Texas Legislature, visit HERE.


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