Texas Democrats Whine About State Redistricting

Meanwhile, Harris County Democrats Hidalgo, Ellis and Garcia pick Democratic operative to lead redistricting in the state's largest county.

That's right, Matt Angle, a well-known Democratic operative, is in charge of redistricting. Have you heard any complaints about "unfair" redistricting coming from a biased source? No, just complaints about the state program which has just begun and is a work in progress. Have we heard how the Democrats in Illinois and New York are gerrymandering Republicans? No, because that is what both parties do.

As for the idea to have a so-called non-partisan redistricting commission, check their records and you will find they are just a cover for a pro-Democrat redistricting plan.

One other thought, has anyone looked in Texas at the number of minority candidate elections in non-minority districts? More are coming, like Wesley Hunt, Republican Afro-American in Congressional District 38. So why does the person representing a Congressional District have to be the race of the majority of constituents? Isn't that racist too?


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