Texas Elections have Consequences - November 2018

Knowing that our country lost the US House to the dark side left me a bit unsettled. My immediate thoughts were for the unborn.This will certainly put more innocents at risk. Will Planned Parenthood be defunded? Probably not.

Texas is considered a conservative state, a prolife state, but the results of the midterm election proved that there is a disconnect. Not only did the Beto 'Blue trickle' land in Texas but so did the Rainbow Wave. Exactly just how conservative is Texas?

As Christians we have a duty to vote. With that comes the responsibility to know what issues we are voting on and to research the candidates. How many people do this?

Our pastors have a moral obligation to preach the Good Word so that when we go into the ballot box we know the tenets of our Faith that should follow us into the ballot box; but apparently faith stayed outside the ballot box and it was politics over Faith.

As a cradle Catholic, it has been extremely exasperating to watch the Church in Texas be more interested in 'saving the illegal migrant' than the life of the unborn. Abortion is murder and an intrinsic evil. If I ask a Catholic, "Did your parish priest preach that voting for a candidate who advocates or votes for abortion is wrong?" - how many can answer in the affirmative? Where is the Church leadership?

Likewise, all candidates have a responsibility towards their constituents to fight for them. They need to pick up their swords and campaign to win. Their campaigns should reflect the principles and concerns of the voters they will represent. They should espouse their positions on issues clearly and concisely so that the voters know the difference between the candidates. They should be enthusiastic so as to energize potential voters. How many top-level elected officials seeking reelection came to your town or city to ask for your vote? It was expected not necessarily earned.

Millennials were focused on their own 'beliefs and their fascination' with socialism.  While Generation Z are obsessed with gun control. Professors have spent decades indoctrinating students and have succeeded superbly. Unscrupulous politicians have deliberately lied to these malleable minds.  Parents who were eager to send their kids to the best colleges have been rewarded with graduates that have difficulty adapting to how the real world works. 

The mainstream media partners with the liberals in misleading the people who are hungry to know the truth. To what end?

The midterm election we just experienced was a hard fought battle. Can we say we won?

Our statewideTexas officials won, Governor Greg Abbott 55.83% to lesbian sheriff Lupe Valdez 42.47% giving him a double digit 13.36% win, to a woman that can't keep track of her gun and according to aTexas Tribune interview in May  touts the fact she is a Hispanic, female, lesbian, Democrat. She claims that, “Diversity is what made this country strong. Diversity is what will make Texas strong.”  Interesting right?

Lt Governor Dan Patrick, 51.32% to 46.45%,
Attorney General Ken Paxton 50.58% to 45.98%,
Comptroller Glen Hager 53.21% to 43.36%,
Commissioner of Agriculture Sid Miller 51.29% to 46.38%, and
RR Commissioner Christie Craddick 51.29% to 43.87% none were a slam dunk all one digit wins.

And to most Texans, the seat won by a Republican amidst much controversy was that of Land Commissioner GP Bush 53.72% to 43.13% winning by a 10.59% lead fairing better than expected considering his 'reimagine the Alamo' fiasco.

US Senator Ted Cruz may have won  with 4,244,204 to Beto O'Rourke's  4,024,777 but only because of all the patriotic and loyal constituents who trust he will crusade their values.  But the alarm had sounded early, Beto was out meeting and greeting people in all 254 Texas counties.  Praise God Beto's 70 million did not dampen the spirit of the people of this great state as they came to Cruz's rescue. 

The 'Beto effect' took its toll. And down went our judiciary and conservative state senators Konni Burton SD10 and Don Huffines SD16. Several House incumbents failed to be reelected, Paul Workman HD47, Ron Simmons HD65, Linda Koop HD102, Rodney Anderson HD105, Matt Rinaldi HD115, Mike Schofield HD132, Gary Elkins HD135, and Tony Dale HD137 .  Needless to say primary Republican nominees didn't have a fighting chance.

Two US Congressman, John Culberson District 7 and Pete Sessions District 32 lost to 'Beto's Blue trickle'.   Earlier congressional resignations and election losses reveal that the Texas Congressional delegation may have lost its clout. This should give pause to all conservatives.

The Texas judiciary took a hit losing 19 appellate judges with major losses to the Third, Fourth, Fifth and 14th Courts of Appeal. Losing experienced jurists to little or no experienced ones is exactly what the people will encounter.  Democrats controlling the judiciary will surely have adverse consequences because they have a different mindset.  They don't follow the law, they make the law. The 'new' judiciary will favor women's and illegal migrants rights.  Fortunately the Texas Supreme court and Court of Criminal Appeals came away unscathed and will continue to function as usual.

Denial that we aren't in trouble is foolish and will not win us the White  House in 2020 or end abortion. The next two years are going to be turbulent so we must not only pray but take action.

Now, the only thing to do is to pick ourselves up, then take a stand for what we believe.

We must energize each other and believe from deep in our hearts that with God all things are possible.  We have the moral authority to shine light into darkness and bring about positive change.  We have the power that God gave us to end abortion. 


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