Texas GOP Welcomes Chairman Tom Mechler

Republican Party of Texas - On Saturday March 7th, the State Republican Executive Committee elected RPT Treasurer Tom Mechler as the new Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas.

After nearly five years on the job, Chairman Munisteri earned himself a well deserved retirement. When he was elected in 2010 the party was in dire financial straits and promptly appointed Mechler as Treasurer. Five years later, not only is the party completely out of debt, but has close to $1,000,000 in the bank and has done more to reach out to communities throughout Texas than ever before.

As a member of Munisteri's leadership team, Chairman Mechler has been there every step along the way and is uniquely qualified to continue steering the ship towards our goals of advancing the technological capabilities of the party, reaching out to the next generation of Texas's Republican leaders, and putting a Republican in every elected office in the state.

Chairman Mechler has more than 30 years of political experience as a strong, conservative man of Christian faith. He helped turn Gray County Republican and was a member of the State Republican Executive Committee for four years. Using his experience from serving as a county chair for 12 years as well as serving 9 years on the Texas Board of Ciminal Justice, Chairman Mechler will continue to fight for Texas's conservative principles against any efforts from national Democrats to turn Texas blue. Click here to learn more about Chairman Mechler.

Upon his election, Chairman Mechler provided the following comment: "I'd like to say 'Kudos' to three guys who worked very hard, in addition to myself, running for State Chair: Wade Emmert, Jared Woodfill, and Dr. Robin Armstrong. Many people have no idea how incredibly difficult it is to pursue this office, the tremendous personal expense, sacrifice and the extensive amount of time spent away from our families that is involved in running. All three should be appreciated for putting themselves out there. Gentlemen, I salute you. I am most grateful to members of the State Executive Committee who demonstrated their confidence in me by electing me to be the State Chair of the Republican Party of Texas. Thank you! And thanks to all my friends and supporters in Texas. I won't let you down."


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