In Texas HD-13 Race, Bankruptcy, Child Support Delinquency, and Removal From Office Cloud Candidate David Stall

With the primary elections coming up this Tuesday, March 6, Republican voters should take note of the race for Texas House District 13. The primary election is for the term starting January, 2019, through December, 2020.

On March 6, Republican primary voters in Grimes, Burleson, Fayette, Lavaca, Austin, Colorado, and Washington Counties will be voting for their party’s candidate for HD-13 who will appear on the general election ballot on November 6, 2018. The winner in November will take office in January, 2019, for two years.

The Republican primary ballot this Tuesday includes five candidates: Ben Leman, Daniel McCarthy, David Stall, Jill Wolfskill, and Marc Young. Sometimes it can be a challenge for voters to narrow down the choices and find the candidate who truly represents conservative values and earns their votes.

Researching candidates can provide insights that go beyond campaign slogans and talking points. For example, articles and files related to candidate David K. Stall could be alarming to concerned voters; and at the very least, are quite contradictory to his campaign points.

Stall says he is a “freshly retired city manager,” and an “experienced voice for rural Texas,” yet in 2004 he was dismissed from his duties as Columbus City Manager due to a “lack of confidence.” Councilman Richard Heffly stated,“I think it is in best interest of the city that this change happens.”

One of Stall’s slogans is “strong families and stronger faith” but he was charged with delinquent child support payments in 2002.

Stall says to keep the Texas economy strong, “we need a strong advocate in the Texas House, someone who knows business and local economic development inside-out,” but he filed for bankruptcy in 1997. ​

It is important for Republican voters to do their own research on candidates to make sure the one they choose to support truly represents their conservative values.


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