Texas House District 31 Deserves a Strong Republican – Marian Knowlton

In Atascosa County rests a small Texas town named Poteet. It is known for its Strawberry Festival and named after its first postmaster, Francis Marion Poteet. It’s also the birthplace of country music star George Strait and Tejano music artist David Lee Garza.

Poteet’s population is around 3,400. The people want to be called American and Texans. According to 2018 records, the rate of citizenship is 98.5% in Poteet and 95.9% for Atascosa County. The population of Atascosa County is over 51,000 and in 2016 13.7K voters favored Donald Trump 63% to Hillary’s 34%. This is where Marian Knowlton resides with her husband Stuart.

Knowlton is the great-great granddaughter of Silas Harrison Barber who settled in Nacogdoches, Texas in 1846. Her grandfather was born in Mexia in Limestone County in 1883. Knowlton’s dad followed his career path that took him away from Texas and Knowlton was born in Illinois. She moved back to her Texas roots in 2003. Her energetic personality gives her that courage and confidence to take on the Democrat, Ryan Guillen, who is the current Representative of Texas House District 31.

I took a recent trip to Pleasanton, Texas to attend a fundraiser for Knowlton. Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller was the keynote speaker and is an ardent supporter. Knowlton’s enthusiasm and passion for her district bubbled over when she addressed the attendees at her fundraiser. She spoke on issues she will be fighting for in the district. Property taxes that need to be reformed. Education so that our values can be taught in the classroom. The ‘inclusiveness’ being taught in ROMA ISD omits the Judeo-Christian values but ‘includes’ the Marxist BLM Movement. Election integrity because we do have a problem in Texas and the Democrats have vowed to confuse and steal the election. Public corruption must be stopped in Texas by identifying and recruiting candidates to run for office who are of sound moral character. Knowlton has a strong background in Republican politics and is very well qualified to be the next HD31 representative. She chaired the Atascosa County Republican Party from June, 2015 to September, 2019 and was the SD19 State Republican Executive Committee member from September, 2018 to July, 2020. She assisted in several state wide campaigns to include Senator Ted Cruz and Governor Greg Abbott and state district campaigns for state rep Jose Aliseda and was instrumental in the historic election of Texas Senator Peter Flores.

With the 2020 census results to be released to the public in March 2021, it is imperative that the House Republicans maintain their majority or better still gain seats. Presently there are 83 Republicans and 67 Democrats for a total of 150 representatives. Redistricting occurs every ten years and is a process of redrawing district boundaries to guarantee equal voter representation. Guaranteed that this will be a key issue for Texas lawmakers. The Texas House must have a strong Republican voice. It is in the best interest of Texas Republicans to hold their majority.

This district is winnable since most HD31 Democrats are totally fed up with the way the Democrat Party has abandoned them for a more extreme Socialist Party. The Trump Trains have been very active in La Salle, Duval and Starr Counties. The lukewarm Democrat Ryan Guillen has to feign being prolife. From his voting record he disappears when it comes time to vote on real issues, like

Prohibits Government Action against Businesses that Donate to Religious Organizations

Authorizes Handguns on the Premises of Places of Worship

His approach has been to placate his constituents into believing he is one of them by embracing their social values. But this of course is just a front as Guillen is supporting Joe Biden and his pro-abortion radical stance. Prior to supporting Biden for president he was in the tank with one of the most radical Democrats, Julian Castro. Think about that for a while. Democrats will always vote their agenda not the Republican agenda.

There are ten Counties that make up HD31 to include Atascosa, Brooks, Duval, Jim Hogg, Kenedy, La Salle, Live Oak, McMullen, Starr, and Willacy. The total population that will change with the 2020 census, is 171,858 with the Voting Age Population at 121,699.

Knowlton addressed the fact that we must elect qualified and principled men and women to take their place in our legislature. “My opponent has endorsed Joe Biden.” She also stated that her district 31, “People want Republican leadership. They are conservative. They love God, they love their state and they love their families.” She is a believer that understands that we should vote our Christian values.

HD31 can’t ask for a better representative than Marian Knowlton. It’s time for the Republican voters and key Republican officials in HD31 to unite and support a conservative. Continuing to support an indifferent Democrat will bear no fruit for the district.




Now is the time to FIGHT!




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