Texas Opens and Lina Hidalgo Still Has Harris County, TX at Level 1 Caution, the Highest!

We are making real progress on Covid, thanks to Operation Warp Speed led by President Trump and President Biden's efforts. This is an example of building on past successes. It is true Biden doesn't want to share credit, bad on him.

Has Governor Greg Abbott jumped the gun re-opening Texas? Hopefully his timing is correct, but we have just come out of an historic Texas freeze, with a lot of family and non-family togetherness.

The fact is statistics regarding hospitalizations and vaccinations levels are important, but positive tests have little meaning.

The credibility of the Harris County Judge, Chief Administrative Official, on this topic is minimal. Lina Hidalgo has had Harris County on Threat Level 1 for almost a year! Threat Level 1 is the most severe, and she asking residents to only leave their homes for essential activities! It's like crying wolf all the time, people tune out.

One final question. Is Texas ready for being liberated?


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