Thoughts that put the week in perspective

Here are a few random thoughts that put the week in perspective.

Thought one: A friend of mine observed that with the passage of the recent tax bill; those of us living will not see their taxes go up. Those who will die after January 1st will see their taxes go up.

Thought two: The most intolerant place in the United States may be San Francisco. First, McDonalds can’t serve happy meals with toys since it appears that parents in San Francisco can’t say no to children when it comes to McDonalds. Also, the National Organization for Women (NOW) is suing Hooters since Hooters caters to children. NOW's point is that Hooters waitresses are adult sex workers masquerading as waitresses and this is evil for children who might be tempted into becoming Hooters sex workers. Don’t know if Hooters add toys to their children value meals.

Thought three: Congress is forcing auto manufacturers to institute a minimal noise level for hybrids and electric cars since they hardly make noise. It appears that blind people will be vulnerable to being run over since they can’t hear the silent but obviously dangerous hybrids. And I thought hybrids were created to save the world, only to find they are deadly threat. Another victory for the environmental movement.

Thought four: When Reid pulled his 1.2 trillion dollar spending bill, it represented the first victory for the Tea Party and strengthened the Tea Party contingent within the Republican Party. The real battle begins after January 1st when the new Congress takes over, but this simply proves elections matter, and the Tea Party matters.

Thought five: What is the hurry in passing the new START treaty? With many questions left to be raised and much to be discussed like whether this is actually in our national interest, it would be nice to actually first have Senators read the bill and then debate before passing or rejecting. It can wait for another month or so.

Thought Six: The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) wants to regulate evening news, the internet, and radio. What happened to free speech? In a world in which you have various news sources from network news, radio, internet, cable television and satellite; why do we even need an FCC anymore? The only reason to regulate content is to regulate speech itself. The FCC is now becoming the leading threat to free speech in America. Time to dump the FCC.

Thought Seven: In the Midwest, where I live, it is very very very cold. Wishing for a little global warming. Need I say more?



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