Three Dumb Media Claims, Smashed

Just when I thought the SJWs couldn’t be more obnoxious, the past five days came along.

So much crap, so little time.

(1) There’s a wave of “hate crimes” sweeping the country!

No. No, there isn’t. This is entirely made up, just like the “Trump mocked a disabled reporter” story.

Even Reason magazine, not exactly a pro-Trump outfit, smacked down the “hate crimes” bit. One after the other, these alleged hate crimes are turning out to be hoaxes, or even just misinterpretations (e.g., the person who put up a swastika to protest Trump, not in support).

If you thought for a second they weren’t hoaxes, you may belong to the race of hysterics who believe blacks are about to be exterminated and homosexuals herded into ovens (yes, I have actually heard this said).

(2) You’ve done your “civic duty” by voting!

Allow me to let Peter Klein of Baylor University handle this one:

“There are millions of Americans who do not participate in civil society in any meaningful way.

“They don’t belong to a church, club, or social group.

“They don’t volunteer, help at their kids’ school, or coach a little league team.

“They don’t follow current events, aren’t interested in books, and can’t carry on a meaningful conversation with a neighbor or coworker.

“They give little to charity.

“They spend most of their time, in Putnam’s memorable phrase, bowling alone.

“That’s fine, everyone can follow his own path. But, every four years, by showing up at a voting booth and getting a sticker – an act which not only costs virtually nothing, but also has no discernible impact on electoral outcomes and hence policies – they are somehow ‘doing their civic duty’?”

(3) “Racism” elected Trump!

Here’s Thaddeus Russell (a Trump opponent, by the way):

“There is no evidence at all for the claim that Trump’s victory was due to a surge in white racism.

“Trump won 58% of the white vote — that is one third of eligible white voters. In 2012, Romney got a *higher* percentage of the white vote: 59%. McCain in 2008 received a comparable percentage (55%) and Bush in 2004 got the same percentage as Trump: 58%.

“And then there’s this problem for the people on the left who undoubtedly will insist from now until they are dead that white racism elected Trump: 94% of the counties that voted for Obama either in 2008 or 2012 and 31% of the counties that voted for Obama *twice* voted for Trump in 2016. That is, millions of Trump’s votes came from people who voted for the black guy with the Muslim name.”

That’s all I can take.

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