The Three-Ring Circus

Very simply, this political season has been the craziest thing that certainly I've ever seen, and probably that has ever been in America. The Democrat side has been dominated by a not-so-slick groping panderer of lifelong political ambition, with a questionable record of public service who is under an FBI investigation for manifest misuse of public documentation and classified material, that were it not occurring under a politically blind justice system and a popular media that sees-no-evil in Democrat governing provinces, would likely already have her under arrest.

And she is now being hotly contended with by a Jurassic Park specimen of a democratic socialist, the likes of which has always and not long ago been effectively an extra-terrestrial alien to American constitutional principle and American politics. Plainly his ascendance and his largely youthful enthusiasts are testimony to the abandonment of American history and founding principle that have dominated media and educational environments in recent decades; now seemingly utterly.

And of course we all know that that is only two of this three-ring circus. On the Republican side, polls have been unprecedentedly dominated by an oafish carnival barker appropriate to P.T. Barnum's circus about which a critic remarked, "There's a sucker born every minute." At that rate, our corrupted popular culture apparently has produced tens of years’ worth of them..

We are running out of time. But it appears that even if we escape its closing jaws this year, long-term there may be no prescription above prayer, probably accompanied by a lot of clothing-tearing, sack cloth and ashes.


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