Time to get Serious SBOE District 5 – Lani Popp is the right choice, the only choice

Lani Popp is the educator who will bring stability to the State Board of Education in District 5. She is the only choice of the two Run Off candidates who can make a positive difference in Texas’s student’s education. She is thoroughly knowledgeable in the Texas Education Code enabling her to help parents with their child. There are over five million students in Texas not including homeschoolers and private schools. Texas public school students deserve a quality education and Lani has dedicated her life to teaching. She has been endorsed by Governor Greg Abbott, Congressman Chip Roy CD21, and retiring District 5 member Ken Mercer. Also by all the Republican SBOE members.

She was thrust into a Run Off by uninformed voters in the March 3, Primary Election with a ‘Jester’, Robert Morrow, who cares absolutely nothing about educating the youth in District 5 or in any Texas district. SBOE District 5 includes Blanco, Caldwell, Comal, Gillespie, Guadalupe, Hays, Kendall, Kerr, Llano, Mason, and San Saba counties and parts of Bexar and Travis counties.

Let me remind you of the responsibilities that Popp will assume as an SBOE member.

Setting Curriculum standards
Reviewing and adopting instructional materials
Establishing graduation requirements
Overseeing the 40 billion Texas Permanent School Fund
Appointing board members to military reservation and special school districts
Providing final review of rules proposed by the State Board for Educator Certification
Reviewing the commissioner’s proposed award of new charter schools with authority to veto a recommended applicant.

Robert Morrow who came in with more votes in the Primary than Popp is a delusional idiot! He labels himself as a ‘jester’ who dreams of ‘titties’ and conjures conspiracy theories. His Facebook account is full of photographs of scantily clad women using breasts as the focus. He has said that ‘seniors should be given as an elective ‘pole dancing and twerking’.

Voters of SBOE District 5 need to rally around Popp who will actually take responsibility in assuring a valued education for all public school students.

July 14 is the Run Off Election and Early voting begins on Monday, June 29, 2020.

Remember that it is you the voter that decides whether a responsible well educated professional is elected or a mindless buffoon.

Red Sonja
Fight, Never Give up!


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