Time to Start Chopping from the Base

As I watch in horror and disgust at what our Legislators are doing to this country, I realize my anger and horror are misplaced. After all, what is more discouraging…….

These Lawmakers in DC or the knowledge that they are merely a reflection of the American population who put them there?

Spewing anger at the people on top of the corruption, i.e. our Lawmakers, and expecting results would be about as futile as trying to chop down a bad tree by climbing to the top of the tree with an ax. My grandfather always said, the best way to ground a bad tree is to either start chopping at the base or poison the roots.

With that in mind, folks, we must turn our efforts to the people in our own back yard who sent these Anti-American socialists/communists to DC.

This massive tree did not sprout up over night and it’s not going to fall with a slight push…

It’s roots are deep and strong because WE remained silent as it grew stronger and larger by the day… over decades.

We have to educate our neighbors, co-workers, children, and families/friends. No longer can we live by the old rule that there are two things you do not discuss at family gatherings, among friends, or at work…. RELIGION AND POLITICS.

The truth is …. what we are talking about here is no longer RELIGION AND POLITICS…


There is no grey area… no compromise. Those who are serious about restoring our Constitutional Republic must adopt the spirit of our Founding Fathers… “Give me Liberty, or Give me Death.”

The direction our nation is headed has no room for liberty. Don’t be fooled… You can’t have it both ways.. A nation that taxes it’s people at the rate our citizens are being taxed is a nation that is oppressing its people.

A nation that forces a tax on it’s people for a healthcare program that violates their religious principles and moral values, is a nation that is trampling the Constitutional rights of its citizens. So… grab the ax of truth and lets get busy chopping away at the base of support for this corrupt tree.

None of us individually have a large enough ax to make a dent, but if all of us get busy chopping away at the same base, together we will bring this tree down.


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