Trump, Halal Steak Salesman Now Claims Islam is the Enemy

Earlier this week, America’s sweetheart, Donald Trump trotted out the samples closet of assorted Trump products that he’s marketed over the years. This included a number or branded products including suits, water and Trump Steaks. Yes, that’s right, Omaha Steaks had delicious competition on its hands for a while.

In an interview yesterday on CNN, Trump threw out another inflammatory one liner stating that “Islam hates us (by which he was implying the United States).

That drew immediate comments from the Twitterverse, such as:



Now, aside from being grammatically incorrect, Trump is implying that a religion of 1.6 billion people has it out for the country that they most aspire to immigrate to. That simply doesn’t make sense. Further, it actually goes against many of the key tenets of Islam including the Muslim view on faith and other religions, which is “La Kum Deen a Kum Waliyudeen” or my relationship with God and practice of religion is mine and yours is yours.

But I’m not here to give you a religious lesson, perhaps I’ll do that in a future post. I’m here to point out the comedic hypocrisy of Trump trying to demonize Islam and profit off of it at the same time.

My colleague Shahed Amanullah, who’s done some amazing Anti-terrorism work with the State Department, picked up on something interesting after the Trump product roadshow. It started with a journalist noticing that Trump’s steaks were sourced from Bush Brothers.



Now Bush Brothers is a high quality provider of steaks and meat products, but sources their meat from Creekstone farms – who posted this after the Trump TV roadshow of Trump products that Trumped or were Trumped over time (try saying that five times fast).

We’d expect someone running for the highest office in the land to hold himself to the standard of at least knowing what he was selling – but here’s where it turns comedic. Creekstone is not only a supplier of delicious meat – it’s a fully certified Zabihah (Halal) Facility. (Zabihah means that the process by which an animal is slaughtered meets Islamic law – it’s very much like Kashurate law that guides how Rabbis slaughter Kosher meat).

So this begs the question? If someone who hosted the Apprentice for several seasons would hold others to the standard of knowing their supply chain and their product, shouldn’t he be held to the same standard?

America deserves a leader that will guide us through the technology and political challenges that we’re facing – not heated rhetoric that pits Americans against one another.

That should be some food for thought.


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