Trump Might Not Accept Legitimacy of Election? The Horror!

I can’t find the remote, so I’m stuck listening to ABC News commentators who are fainting on air over Donald Trump’s refusal to commit to accepting the results of the election.

Since elections are the sacraments of the American religion, it is blasphemy of the highest order to call them into question. Why, everyone accepts the results and moves on, and that’s what makes our system so awesome!

Now it’s virtually certain that Nixon in fact defeated Kennedy in 1960. Eisenhower himself urged Nixon to challenge the results. We’re supposed to honor Nixon for accepting the results and moving on.

I don’t. He was a chump. If unscrupulous people stole the election, how was the country helped by hushing it up?

Is the system rigged in the crude sense of counting the votes inaccurately? Probably not. In 2008 I stood outside a polling place in Alabama, where Ron Paul went on to receive five percent of the vote. And I’ll tell you: no more than five percent of the people I saw were Ron Paul voters. So those numbers were all too real.

But of course at a deeper level the system obviously is rigged. Our government-subsidized university system teaches complete b.s. to millions of kids — juvenile economics, bogus history, and postmodernist lunacy.

The media is a complete joke, as more and more revelations make clear, and totally in the tank for Hillary and the establishment.

The result of all this is supposed to be an informed citizenry? Who can say that with a straight face?

As Pat Buchanan points out, the rot goes a lot deeper. We have a Supreme Court exercising power no state ratifying convention told the people it would have, and pushes forward the progressive agenda (I hate that stupid word), and we’re supposed to sit back and accept it. Why, anything else would be treason against our sacred traditions!

A huge quota industry permeates all American institutions even though the Civil Rights Act of 1964 expressly insisted that no such thing was envisioned by that law. We are supposed to accept this, too.

The Democrats actually incited violence at the opposing party’s rallies.

Parties other than the Democrats and Republicans can’t even get a hearing. So our rigged system makes sure kids never learn of alternatives to the status quo while they’re in school, and then makes sure they never learn about them as adults.

You’re darn right it’s rigged.

The idea that millions of people might look upon a President Hillary Clinton as somehow illegitimate fills our media and intellectual classes with horror. Well, good. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving group.

As a Rothbardian libertarian, I think all these sociopaths are illegitimate. The problem isn’t that too many people might come to think so, but that too few will.

We don’t need a paternal custodian to create jobs, fund science, educate our kids, or kill foreigners for no good reason. Civil society does a vastly better job at the first three of those things — and it leaves foreigners alone.

Perceived “legitimacy” is the biggest weapon the state holds. Undermining it should be cheered, not deplored.

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