Trump's vs. Obama's Commutations

It is amazing what the public doesn’t see or hear in the news.  If people watch public television (ABC, CBS, etc.), they are too often fed disinformation and lies — maybe a lie with a little truth around it to make it easier to digest, but it’s still a lie.  For example, the media typically talks up Obama by telling something he did without saying what the impact was (i.e., negative).  However, they never miss an opportunity to talk down Trump with a lot of false information.  Is this not biased news?

Today Trump is being painted as a wild man giving out commutations like candy to everyone.  When in fact, he has given out a total of 11, including Roger Stone — in the last four years.  Compare this to Bill Clinton’s 61.

But worse, how many times have you been told that Barack Husein Obama gave out a total of 1,715 in his two terms!!?  And a good number of those people were hardened criminals convicted of serious crimes like murder!  Where is the ‘fair and balanced’ nature of that news?

The Left does not hate Trump, they fear him.  They fear him because he represents the antithesis of their objective — the destruction of our republic so that they can replace it with a new, and better socialist America.  They’ve been tearing down this country for over 100 years and they are now getting impatient.  That impatience will cause them to get more emboldened (dangerous) every year from here on.


Far too many Americans are too trusting and/or lazy.  Too lazy to look for alternative news in order to get to the ‘truth’.  With our internet today there is an endless source of information available to find the truth.  But too often people, as the bible suggests, “want their ears tickled” with what they want to hear.

We have become a tribal nation with two polar opposites and no one believes anyone any more.  A high percentage of people in this country do not believe that truth even exists.  If truth doesn’t exist, what are we to believe?  How can you navigate a very dangerous world without truth?  It’s like navigating the sea without a compass.

America is about to find out what truth is if the socialists destroy our republic — it will be exclusively what the state says is the truth.  Americans’ religion will be replaced with the state’s truth.  They’ll eventually find out the truth of hunger, despair, loss, and great fear.  You’d think that any one of those emotions would drive them to take action now.

America is, in my opinion, in stage-4 of a Marxist/communist cancer that has been growing and metastasizing for decades.  At this point drastic measures will be needed to cure this country, which could potentially kill the patient — especially with a combination of:  apathetic, uninterested, and convinced people that socialism is better than capitalism. “We the people” are the antivirus that can kill that threat.  But we need to be injected into the public’s eye to have an affect.  You see the cancer every day on your TV, but no talk of a cure.

A very scary place to be…  and getting scarier every week.


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