TX Rep. Flynn Announces Plan to Protect Doctors From Obama Gun Control Mandate

The following press release was sent to me by Texas State Representative Dan Flynn. Rep. Flynn is proposing a plan to fight back against Obama's gun control executive orders. Obama's executive order #16 clarifies to doctors that the Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare) does not prohibit them from asking patients if they own guns. Rep. Flynn is proposing a law that would ban doctors in Texas from being able to ask patients irrelevant questions regarding gun ownership.

This statement from Rep. Flynn is one of many that were announced recently by Texas Legislators fighting back against Obama.

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Representative Flynn Announces Plan to Protect Doctors From Federal Mandate

January 17th, 2013

AUSTIN - This morning Representative Dan Flynn (Van-R) announced he has begun working on proposed legislation that would directly address the Administration's Executive Action Item, #16, 'clarifying the Affordable Care Act does not prohibit doctors asking their patients about guns in their homes.' Representative Flynn is very concerned about mandates coming from the Federal Government in efforts to require doctors to make certain inquiries.

"It seems everywhere we look we are finding more and more attempts by the federal government and our current administration to inflict a totalitarian type state on our country," reacted Representative Flynn Wednesday evening. "I am outraged that a patient doctor relationship has become anything more than a relationship based on the management and continuation of individual health and well-being. The fact that this administration is trying to circumvent above and beyond their jurisdiction, into the private homes and property of Americans and their families, by encouraging doctors to inquire into the patients living arrangements is disdainful and should not be tolerated. Doctors know how and what to discuss with their patients. My proposed legislation would work to not only preserve our individual liberties by restricting unnecessary meddling by federal officials, but it would more importantly also protect the integrity and professionalism of good doctors."

Representative Flynn confirmed he will be working and talking with the Texas Medical Association and has already spoken with various small, independent practices located in House District 2. "My hope is for my friends in the medical industry to show me how I can help protect them from this invasive federal mandate," stated Representative Flynn this morning.



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As much of America holds a death grip on their guns, we should be asking why we are so dependent on the idea of protecting ourselves and from what?  We live in a post-9/11 society in which fear is bred 24 hours a day through television and media.  Other countries with similar social structures such as the UK don’t have this problem and don’t have guns in the hands of every man, woman and child.  Read more about Living in a Society of Fear and how we are at War with Ourselves at http://dregstudiosart.blogspot.com/2011/09/living-in-society-of-fear-ten...

In reply to Brandt, are you kidding?  Surely, you are kidding.  Post 9/11 in a more radical, unsafe (have you been near the border of our great state lately), divided country, with insanity abound thanks to class warfare, hate and vile I've not seen in my 46 years of life, but regardless, it is our RIGHT, and it's unalienable, and we all have the same right.  Personally, I REFUSE to be a statistic waiting on the po-po, who are reactionary, not preventative.  Take a gander at the gun laws in the town of Kennesaw, GA - where while they have exemptions, every head-of-household is REQUIRED to have a firearm - and if you don't want one, your choice, but, compare their 1 murder in 25 years to Chicago, with draconian gun laws, and their murders, never mind the culture of violence of vile rap songs, video games that kill, and fatherless homes, gangs, et al.  Hell yeah, I'm clinging to whatever means necessary to protect myself, my family and my property, and took lessons and training and KNOW how to protect myself, most of all, from a govt that has gotten out of control and is piece by piece taking away OUR liberties and freedoms every day.  Have you been living under a rock!!!!

Didn't Representative Flynn support and vote for the "invasive state mandate" requiring their doctors to preform physically invasive sonograms on women? Did his friends in the medical industry show him how?

women already have to get the unltrasound before an abortion.... the law Texas passed just requires that the doctor lets the woman see it before the abortion so the woman can see she is killing a little baby....

Flynn co-sponsored the sonogram law requiring a woman's doctor to perform an invasive vaginal ultrasound.  An "invasive state mandate" is OK with Flynn but a "federal invasive mandate" is not.

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