The Ultimate Price For Violating The Rule of Law Part III

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The Ultimate Price For Violating The Rule of Law


Joseph F. Speelman

Final edition

June 1, 2020 at 4 pm CST

“The Darkness drops again, but now I know
That twenty centuries of stony sleep
Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
And what rough beast, it’s hour come round at last,
Slouches toward Bethlehem to be born?”

The Second Coming
William Butler Yeats

Citizens……since I last updated this topic of The Legal Wilderness, a dam, actually several dams have burst at long last. A virtual “flood” of truth has washed over this country and the world. A flood so strong and unstoppable that even the New York Times and Washington Post cannot “put the cork back into the bottle”!  It is clear that the warning I gave years ago was understated but true beyond all belief!

In the last four years, the Block Organizer, “BO” sought through illegal and nefarious means to keep this information from each and every American. It was shuttered within a huge cocoon of intricate proceedings, confidentiality orders, private Oval Office meetings, and untold reams of sources, some leaked for the advantage of BO and his former administration, and then, finally, when every parliamentary trick, deceit , false innuendo, violation of the intent and plain language of secrecy laws, and false or under reporting of such real facts by those lamely calling themselves news papers and news media sources had run their course….. the TRUTH is pouring out!

In the initial edition of this article, I asserted that the Obama Administration was engaged in numerous questionable or out right felonious (criminal) behaviors from its’ beginning! Please read through the first section but do not miss the highlights such as filing false claims and seeking huge sums of money for donations to handpicked Democratic “charitable? groups”  from large banks (such money, paid to “resolve” claims by the government against such banks belongs to the US Treasury, not Barrack Obama, his then Attorney General, or the Democratic Party); directing the IRS to conduct illegal and discriminatory, audits, claims and abuses of legal process against conservative non-profit organizations such as “Tea Party” tax protests groups (a perfectly legal and “hallowed” principle of free government). The list is long and disgusting. Be sure to review the cover up of the Clinton foundation and Hillary and Bill Clinton’s conduct in relation to the “Russian Influence” fantasy Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee engaged in for years.

Citizens……. It Is All True…..and much more. Private meetings in the Oval Office of the Obama White House IN THE SHADOW OF THE INNAGUATION OF PRESIDENT TRUMP that set up a shadow organization of rogue FBI agents, complicit heads of US intelligence organizations, and members of the office of the US Attorney General, and , later to be added, the office of the Special Investigation run by an “Independent? Special Prosecutor”, that, despite two years of wasted money and inquiry, could not establish any violations of the law by the President of the United States….despite extreme efforts to either find such things or use the dark, undercover organization described above to MAKE THEM UP.

Please see the above original content of this article and then read on about what has finally been unearthed!

This is a series of articles dealing with legal principles of US law and the cherished history our government has, in the past, established as the Rule of Law……that laws exist to allow individual freedoms and beliefs to be protected as well as laws, properly enforced, to ensure compliance with all laws such as those requiring that dealing with the right of individuals to a presumption of innocence in legal proceedings and that a fair judicial process exists to ensure that just results are rendered in disputes. All of the above under the strong, historic structure of the US Constitution as well as the laws and constitutions of each US state government.

Attorneys are responsible to ensure these rules and principles are enforced fairly and routinely. Attorneys have the responsibility to ensure our system of laws are maintained. It is their duty in the oath each has taken to the primacy of Rule of Law. Unfortunately, as an attorney, I am compelled to inform the citizens of this country that a number of attorneys have been at the very center of the abuse, violations, suppression of rights, and the theft of funds belonging to the US Treasury. Barrack Obama is a graduate of Haaavard (emphasis added) Law School. Yet somehow he chose to disregard his duty and become a person who has been and still is at the very center of an illegal effort to overturn an American election and to arrange or cause to be arranged the transfer of funds belonging to the US Treasury to private parties including elements of the Democratic National Committee. Further, he directed the Internal Revenue Service to illegally infringe upon the rights of private, not for profit organizations to seek tax exempt status because he disagreed with their political views.

Citizens……ATTORNEYS, EVEN THE BLOCK ORGANIZER HIMSELF, CANNOT DO THESE THINGS. THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO UPHOLD LAWS AND CITIZEN’S RIGHTS UNDER SUCH LAWS. This is a classic, and horrendous failure of the US legal system. It is UP FOR GRABS!  I wish I could tell you otherwise but it is simply not true. Your rights, and those of your families are at risk. There are many, many fine attorneys in this country who day after day do their job and are not involved in this conduct. But, because these issues are aimed directly at the existing legal processes of the country, with a view to override them to establish a different type of system than called for and established in our laws and Constitution, we are faced with a legal crisis.

Rule of law means just that. No overriding personalities, not notions of ignoring the law because someone or several persons are simply convinced their beliefs are more important than the rule of law. The world’s history is full of such individuals and the wreckage and havoc they have caused to innocent, trusting citizens.  We have a “great experiment” that has survived and become greater….but it is being undermined by those, many attorneys, who think they know better what to do and that the law does not restrain them. The above is all that is needed to destroy that great experiment.

Most recently, we have been exposed to yet another feature of what the Block Organizer and those within his circle have most likely “organized”. Fairly carefully “organized” riots occurred within a number of US cities, starting in Minneapolis. Extreme violence was perpetrated on citizens and businesses in that city and others. What is interesting about this situation is the presence of groups of people belonging to the ANTIFA movement and the Black Lives Matters group.  ANTIFA stands for “anti fascist” but they are just the opposite. THEY are the fascists. They started in Oregon and became apparent for the first time on the campus of University of California, Berkeley. They harassed, beat, intimidated, students and destroyed university property in protest of……any conservative or moderate speaker or group seeking to express their legal right of self expression on the campus. They have attended or infiltrated many demonstrations across the country and beat an Asian American protestor because he was walking in a protest parade and he held views contrary to the ANTIFA dogma.

The ANTIFA dress in black leather biker garb and have black helmets with darkened visors….so no one, police or local governments, can identify them. They carry long guns, AR-15s  that are automatic or semi-automatic weapons that can kill people, many people, in a very short period of time. They are fascist because they look like Nazis Storm Troopers and SS groups of German infamy. They are criminals who subscribe to violating the rights of anyone whom they disagree with or dislike. The Nazis movement in Germany began with such groups, created by an organizer named Adolph Hitler, in uniforms, black mostly, and they assaulted jewish citizens as well as any whom disagreed with them. They were reported to have organized an infamous act called “Kristallnacht” that destroyed stores and broke windows of stores that were owned by jewish citizens in Germany. They did it at night, just as they have apparently done in Minneapolis and other cities in the US. The ANTIFA are thugs, criminals, anarchists, and murderers. Just like the group they have so carefully imitated that started in Germany. I will suggest to you that it is no coincidence that violent groups ANTIFA and BLACK LIVES MATTER have been identified as present and involved in violence and looting in every major city where protests have been held. They were “organized” to be present in these situations.

Read “What is ANTIFA, the far-left group tied to violent protests?”, by Gregg Re of Fox News, published February 13, and last updated early June 1, 2020.  They are real and really dangerous fascists. They have conducted “Kristallnacht” in many major cities in the US the last few nights.  They are the “Rough Beast”. Their organizer’s intent is clear….. to create a false air of major crisis, scare citizens so they will be hesitant to vote in the Fall, destroy the American economy as it emerges from the Covid-19 scourge, and the government. With all of that, they have the benefit of law. So that process should be initiated against each and everyone of them immediately.

The block organizer is doing, and has been doing, what he is most capable of doing: creating havoc by organizing resistance groups to commit violence, threaten Rule of Law. There is no place for this and no attorney should be involved in such behavior.

I end this multiple part article by telling you “I told you so!” as to what has been going on for the past 12 years in this country. Please see for yourself,  all that has been finally released to the common citizen about the secret activities and clear undermining of the American government. Not even the NY Times or Washington Post can reverse the recent revelations about the destabilizing of the US Government by elements led by the Block Organizer. Susan Rice, the National Security Advisor to the President was so concerned about what was being discussed in the meeting chaired by the President that she sent a secret, confidential memo to herself regarding the meeting. The deputy Attorney General, Sally Yates, admitted under questioning by a member of Congress that she was shocked, taken aback and appalled (or words to that effect) by what she was hearing from President Obama in the Oval Office meeting.

None Dare Call It Treason. A book written by John Stormer. You may wish to read it.

Be careful my friends, be very careful.


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