UN Conference on Global Warming or Global Wealth Redistribution? And why was Lord Christopher Monckton Evicted?

The United Nations conference on climate change met in Qatar last week, with the purpose of making plans to deal with the supposed impending disaster that conferees believe will flow from global climate change caused by increased levels of manmade CO2 in the atmosphere. No mention in anything that I read about the conference of the fact that only 3% of the CO2 in the atmosphere is manmade, and all the rest is just a naturally occurring element, which is vital for life on earth.

Lord Christopher Monckton, former Advisor to Margaret Thatcher, UK Independence Party activist and global warming theory skeptic, spoke briefly before being involuntarily escorted out of the meeting. Monckton was not a delegate to the U.N. meeting, but reportedly donned credentials of some sort and slipped in at the close of a news conference, seated himself in a chair meant for a delegate from the country of Myanmar, and seized the opportunity to speak.

He reportedly said: “In the 16 years we have been coming to these conferences, there has been no global warming.” Conferees reacted with shock and outrage.

What is Monckton talking about?

  • In October of 2012, Britain’s Met Office released figures based on 3,000 measuring points on land and sea that proved that since 1997 and up until August of 2012, the last 15 years, there has been no global warming.
  • Professor Judith Curry, head of the Climate Science department of the prestigious Georgia Tech University in Atlanta, has admitted that the computer models used by climate change theory proponents to make predictions of catastrophic, impending global warming were “deeply flawed.”
  • This Met Office information follows on literally hundreds of published articles and books by genuine climatologists and other experts who have concluded based on actual science that the “man-made global warming due to CO2 concentrations in the environment is going to overheat the planet and kill us all” theory is simply false.
  • Read “Unstoppable Global Warming—Every 1,500 Years,” by climate physicist and environmental science professor Dr. S. Fred Singer, or check out the website The Climate Depot that is loaded with information.

Lord Monckton was evicted because global warming alarmists are not interested in facts, or data, and they are deeply interested in blocking the public from knowing or believing that many expert climatologists reject their theory. The fervor with which global warming believers defend their impending doom scenario is similar to religious fervor, unshakeable belief. But in the realm of physical, human, scientific endeavors, normally scientists pride themselves on their commitment to considering all available information, and to making sure that all data fits with their theory, or else they reject that theory. But global warming true believers have established the global warming “truth” and no amount of information or data is going to budge them from their belief system.

In my new book, Ladies, Can We Talk? America Needs Our Vote! I dedicated Chapter Ten to the very important question “Why Are Energy Development and the Environment Political Issues?” Why is global warming, or the more recently coined global climate change theory (new name substituted in to allow for every change in weather to be characterized as evidence of the phenomena) not treated by everyone as a scientific inquiry similar to humanity’s apolitical and ongoing research on diseases and medications, where all we want are facts and truth?

Why are so many members of the international community clinging to the manmade climate change theory when so many climatologists and other experts have so roundly rejected it? The answer is to “follow the money.”

This Doha conference is wrapping up with a proposal that the developed countries (read “the United States”) must compensate the poorer nations for alleged losses due to supposed climate change. They are discussing a massive international wealth redistribution proposal under the guise of alleged damages owed due to supposed global warming caused by the more developed nations. The US delegation to the Doha climate conference will decide to support or reject the idea that actual monetary damages must be paid by the United States to poorer nations, due to the cockamamie global warming myth that has been completely debunked. Regardless of what these conferees “decide,” the U.S. Congress would have to vote to approve such payments before they could be made, which at least with its present, sane Republican majority will not happen.

This massive proposed wealth redistribution scheme, which many would reject if proposed outright, has legs in the socialist, redistributionist mindset of the United Nations and most unfortunately in the mindset of the current administration in Washington. According to United States Senator James Inhofe, the Obama administration is “quietly handing over billions of dollars to the United Nations in the name of global warming,” and Inhofe went on to assert that the true purpose of the Doha U.N. Conference is wealth redistribution.

While Lord Monckton’s “stunt” of denouncing global warming at a global warming conference may have appeared rude, he was and is a voice of sanity, a defender of the idea that facts matter and truth must be honored. Getting to the truth of whether man-caused global climate change is occurring is the beginning. Once that myth is more thoroughly debunked, those advocating for massive wealth redistribution will need to step up and acknowledge their real goals and take on the task of convincing American that forced redistribution of wealth is a better solution than exporting the values that made America so prosperous, such as freedom, personal responsibility, a government of laws and not of men, limited government, etc. If we could export those values, we would never need to export our wealth.



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