UnFair: Exposing the IRS Movie Review

When I first saw the advertisement for Unfair: Exposing the IRS, I was interested, but unsure of the meaning. I thought I knew some of the bad things about the IRS, but was I ever in for a surprise. The words, “Abuse by the IRS”, caused me to remember having been harassed by the IRS personally; and after attending the movie here in Dallas, I was astounded.

Here we live in America, the home of the free and the brave, and this rogue agency, with its huge budget and unlimited resources is deliberately punishing people, and organizations, just because there is a difference in belief and purpose. My heart was touched by the Vietnam veteran and VFW unit who was only helping out the needy. To think they were forced to pay a $ 50,000 fine, I was furious.

I saw the hurt, fear and frustration in the faces of the couple who tried to adopt the little Chinese girl. Such heartless actions by our government makes one want to shout NO, NO from the roof tops!

Ralph Reed, was targeted for no reason other than he leads a Christian organization, and the IRS is diametrically opposed to anything Christian.

When I heard Adryana Boyne explain how her efforts to reach the Latino community was thwarted and delayed until she had to give up trying to get tax exemption status – it made me ask “How wrong can our government be?” We desperately need Latinos involved in the conservative movement. VOCES Action is reaching and educating Latinos, and they are responding.

I ask myself, “Why does the IRS think they can get by using Marxist tactics against selected groups?” The answer is that the Obama Administration has not only accepted this behavior, The White House is guiding, directing and pushing it. They tie up valuable resources to stifle any opposition and weaken the conservatives in elections.

When I heard that they called the White House to get direction on who to allow the 501 C3 or 4 exemption, I was angry. Lois Lerner is a criminal, and should be charged and sent to prison. Needless to say, I came away very angry and highly motivated to get involved.

I want to give my reactions to the professional quality of the movie. It was well done, easily understood, and each participant was specific and “to the point.” I also was pleased to see that the speakers did not mince words as they explained how they were mistreated. It is shocking how their small organizations had to pay large sums for legal fees and the fines levied on them.

It seems that the White House has deliberately chosen such dishonest, mean, and unethical leaders to attack us, the citizens.

Next I want to review the panel discussion at the end of the movie. It was very helpful to hear their words and see that we have fine upstanding talented people leading these great organizations.

The intelligent and thoughtful comments were encouraging.

The Fair Tax is a solution whose time has come. We must disband the IRS and replace it with this simple plan. It will stimulate the economy, by allowing corporations and individuals to use the time and resources on things of their choice rather than preparing tax returns, and filing mountains of paperwork. The time spent now on taxes is stifling the economy, and the misuse of power is hideous.

Just think how great it would be to use the IRS budget to pay off debt and free up our businesses. As stated in the movie, our U.S. corporations that are taking their headquarters overseas, would come running home, and foreign companies would rush to establish their corporate businesses here.

I want to take back America from these criminal elements! As stated in Nazi Germany, many good citizens, thought only a small percent of the people were Nazis, but they took over the country and murdered more than 20 million people. Do you think your turn is not coming? If you are conservative, a veteran, Christian, believe in the sanctity of unborn life, believe in marriage between a man and a woman, or in any way disagree with Obama’s agenda, you are on the list.

UNFAIR, was a “heads up” warning ---What will we do about it?


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