Union Offices Raided in Philadelphia

Union offices raided in Philadelphia. What took so long?

The IBEW Union Hall in Philadelphia, along with multiple other locations, were raided by the FBI. John Dougherty and the Local 98 seem to be at the center of this investigation, with Councilman Bobby Henon and President of the Local 98, Brian Burrows, also involved.

What is the Fed targeting in the raid?

This time it’s NOT servers in bathroom closets; not that there would be anything wrong with that.

We learn from NBC in Philadelphia,

Federal agents conducted raids recently across Philadelphia and New Jersey, when they pulled truckloads of documents and computers from locations that included two rowhouses, a pub, a union hall and the political offices of a City Councilman.

In what may be a surprise to the Left, the raids did have a common link: the city’s most influential labor union, IBEW Local 98, and its powerful leader known by the moniker Johnny Doc.

Unions and big city corruption. All that’s missing is a Democrat politician.

I’m sure as in the Hillary Clinton scandal, this is much ado about nothing, though a lot of evidence has been seized.

The FBI confirmed by mid-morning that the searches and subsequent seizures of enough boxes to fill an actual rental truck were part of an “ongoing investigation,” apparently into the Philadelphia local for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

What the FBI will be looking for in all of this evidence is INTENT. If union bosses fixed contracts, rigged elections, and intimidated potential whistleblowers, they should be all good if there was no intent.

Nevertheless, it was reported that John Dougherty, the subject of the seizure paced outside his home as agents searched inside. Dougherty is the man who played a major role in getting Mayor Jim Kenney elected last year and at the same time helped his brother Kevin win a seat on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

But I’m sure as it was with the FBI’s investigation about Hillary Clinton, nothing to worry about.

Dougherty declined to discuss the purpose of the search when approached by reporters. He did say that he theorizes he’s been under scrutiny his whole life, “because I keep winning.”

If that’s the case, I hope Usain Bolt has good lawyers.


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