United Nations - Good or Bad?

World globalism is growing rapidly.  Borderless countries are popping up with apparent dire consequences as a result.  Muslims are streaming into Europe with devastating impact.  Although many Americans want secured borders, we have thousands of people from the south of us invading this country every year!  What is driving this trend?

The United Nations (U.N.) has a lot to do with it.  One of their goals is to create a ‘one world government’ — a globalist society if you will.  But why?  Their answer is peace.  Their logic is, if we are one country we have only one country to get along with — ourselves.  What we often fail to recognize is that the U.N. is made up of many countries around the world.  The power brokers of the world are those who chose who gets to be part of the ‘click’ or not and if they get a vote (within the U.N.).  Is it no wonder that many of the countries that make up the U.N. are communist dictatorships with tyrants for leaders and starving people for an electorate.

Isn’t it also of interest that one of the communist goals, documented in 1963, was to get China accepted into the U.N.  “Goal #7 — Grant recognition of Red China and admission of Red China to the U.N.”  They have done well!

So now we focus back on America.  Why would the ‘world’ want America to be flooded with lower educated socialists who have made it obvious (by coming in the back door) that they are looking for a ‘free lunch’.  Because the intent is to create a third world country out of America.  Yes, this sounds nuts.  But the rationale behind their thinking is what’s scary.  By lowering the education level of Americans, by demonstrating the lack of interest in enforcing laws, they create a place where another socialist state can grow from, and add to, the globalist society.  THAT is the real goal — to eventually create a single world government where the elite can experience their life’s goal of rule over everyone — and yes, that includes you.

This effort is getting easier every day in the U.S. through the apathy of Americans.  And the globalist socialists are getting very close to ‘snapping our rubber-band’ (bringing us to the point of breakage).  If left unchecked, America will be nothing like it was 40-50 years ago.  It isn’t now for the matter, but in 15-20 years it will be totally unrecognizable at the rate we’re going.

The recent election process did not come out as some wanted.  But, the goal was met, it was yet another step ‘forward’ for the ‘party’ members.  With the House majority, the Left may now march forward with their agenda to stop president Trump (his screwing up their accomplishments) and return to taking freedoms from the American public.  e.g., gun control

The question is, what are YOU going to do to help stop this war we are in with ourselves?  If you’re on the Right complaining and sitting on your butt, or on the Left waiting for another handout, shame on you both.  Your children and theirs will be left with a country of trials and tribulations like never experienced in U.S. history.  And, it will all come back on you.  Thanks grandpa.?!

I for one do not believe any of us wants to be part of the problem.  But it isn’t clear that the average American wants to be part of the solution either.  Too many are sitting on their hands doing nothing waiting for the other guy to do something.  Yes, you might have voted.  But look what the Left is doing with our election process.  Dead people and illegals are voting to determine your future!  And what is your government doing about enforcing laws regarding elections?  Not much that I can see.

The least Americans can do is get informed, learn what their stance really is, research and study to learn the truth and facts about what you believe in.  Start with the articles that I’ve written.  Check them out.  See if any of it is real.  Take a stand for truth.  Get involved.  Do something!  Time is getting short.

If you think the U.N. will save the world and maintain peace in this crazy world of ours, you obviously haven’t been paying attention to what’s going on in: Russia, China, Iran, Syria, Israel, North Korea, et al.  We are all sitting on a tinderbox.  And there’s a lot of people running around with matches.  What’s the U.N. doing about that?  Where are the blue hats when you need them?  Typically they’re found raping women and robbing men.  What does that tell us?  And why do we, the U.S., pay the lions share of the U.N.’s costs?  What are we nuts?  Do we not see the logic of our president for banging the heads of the U.N. to pay their fair share while screwing us every way they can?

If nothing else, start looking now for your hiding place here in America way outside of any large urban area.  Build your bunker and get ready, or help with the spreading of the word to others as where we are and where we’re going.  Be part of the solution.

The following links are to webpages sharing facts about the U.N. — members, countries, etc.

What is the Security Council?

Who are the current members?

Who are the member States?

And, for more evidence of the on-going corruption of this world — thanks to the U.N., consider also reading this article.  It further clarifies how a border less world is their goal.

Migration Is a Human Right

“You either have to be part of the solution, or you’re going to be part of the problem.” — Eldridge Cleaver

“If you don’t fight evil, you will eventually be consumed by it, and ultimately, you will become evil.” — Phil Vasile


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