VA Officials Mock Veterans

I was appalled to learn that VA officials were using an employee training slide show comparing our veterans to Sesame Street’s Oscar the Grouch. Unfortunately, this is symptomatic of the longstanding problems I have seen at the VA under the current administration. The VA is a broken system and this is yet another example of the failure of VA executives to provide veterans the benefits and quality service they deserve. I immediately called upon the Secretary of the VA to apologize and deal with the employees responsible for this insensitive action.

Recently, my Veterans Outreach Coordinator, Captain Rene Coronado, brought yet another failure by the VA to provide quality service to my attention. A VA clinic employee told a local veteran that he needed to stop drinking and using drugs. This veteran had not had a drink in over twenty years and has never used illegal drugs. The VA employee made a false accusation about the veteran’s lifestyle to justify the lack of customer service and common courtesy offered.




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