Van Duyne Helps Introduce the Safe and Certain Elections Act

I recently introduced the Safe and Certain Elections Act to further election security in Texas and around the country. This bill will require the use of paper backup for audits, prohibit connecting voting systems to the internet, directs the removal of ineligible voters from the registration list, and study the usage of blockchain technology to improve the security of elections. 

With historic turnouts in elections across the country, it is essential to have checks in place that protect our election integrity. Securing the Democratic process is paramount to the well-being of our nation – the Safe and Certain Elections Act will be an integral part in doing so. 

Now more than ever, we must ensure our elections are free and fair. It is my intention that this bill would bolster our democratic system by providing safeguards against potential voter fraud. All Americans have a voice in this country. I am working to guarantee their voices are heard, absent threats of malpractice.


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