Van Duyne Introduces Legislation to Address Housing Shortage

I introduced H.R. 8235 – the Housing Supply Expansion Act – to help increase the supply of affordable housing by removing archaic red-tape requirements under the Davis-Bacon Act.
Pursuing the American dream and achieving generational wealth has become increasingly difficult with the alarming lack of affordable housing. Through overdue reforms to the outdated Davis-Bacon Act, this practical piece of legislation will help lower the cost of housing and allow greater home-ownership opportunities to American families.
My Housing Supply Expansion Act is the House companion bill to Senator John Thune's, S. 3941. In the House, Rep. David Rouzer (NC-07) joins me as an original cosponsor.
"The lack of affordable housing is an issue that is consistently raised by folks as I travel throughout South Dakota," said Sen. Thune. "These shortages affect prospective homebuyers and renters, as well as small businesses that are trying to overcome pressing workforce needs. This common-sense legislation would increase the supply of affordable housing options, reform archaic requirements in the Davis-Bacon Act, and cut through its overly-burdensome red tape."
The Davis-Bacon Act is a 1931 law requiring construction contractors to pay individuals working on the contract at least the prevailing wages of the vicinity where the construction project is located. This disincentivizes the construction of affordable housing due to the high costs it places on construction contractors.

You can read the full text of the bill HERE.


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