Van Duyne Introduces New Healthcare Bills

I introduced three bills to shape the future of healthcare and make saving for medical expenses more affordable for hardworking American families.

"The rising cost of healthcare has put a strain on American families from all demographics," I said. "Our country desperately needs pragmatic legislation to reduce costs, facilitate long-term saving, and revamp our broken healthcare system. I am proud to introduce these innovative and prudent bills with the hope that my colleagues can see across party lines to adequately address the failures within today's healthcare system." 

I introduced the following bills:

Child Health Savings Account Act

The Child Health Savings Account Act establishes a Child Health Savings Account with an annual contribution limit of $3,000. Much like your ability to save for your child's future education through a 529 Plan, you will now be able to set aside money to grow tax-free for your child's future health expenses. The Child Health Savings Account will act as a trust in the parent's name until the child turns 18, at which point they will take ownership over the HSA.

Family Plus Health Care Act

The Family Plus Health Care Act would add flexibility by requiring health insurers that offer dependent coverage of children now provide an option to include non-dependent parents on their child’s health care plan until the parent(s) is eligible for Medicare or Medicaid.

Health Savings Freedom Act

The Health Savings Freedom Act expands and improves on the success of HSA’s by doing the following:

  1. Increase the contribution limit for individuals to $6,000 and families to $16,000 – Matching the average amount employers remove from employees’ paychecks to pay for health benefits.
  2. Removes the HSA requirement for a high deductible health plan.
  3. Adds the ability to pay for over the counter and prescription medicines with an HSA
  4. Adds the ability to pay for long-term parental care for non-dependent parents with an HSA.
  5. Allow HSA distributions to be used to pay for health insurance.

Also this week, I hosted a healthcare roundtable and met with hospitals across North Texas.


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