Van Duyne Introduces Resolution Condemning the Antisemitic Terrorist Act in Colleyville

Last week I introduced a bipartisan resolution with over 100 signatures condemning the recent terrorist act on the Congregation Beth Israel Synagogue in Colleyville, TX. 

"Over the weekend, we witnessed a heinous attack not only on our community in North Texas, but on the entire Jewish community," I said. "Thanks to the heroic actions of local and federal law enforcement – and of Rabbi Charlie Cytron-Walker – the four hostages taken Saturday are now with their families. I am introducing this resolution today to not only condemn this act of hate, but to bring light to the antisemitism plaguing our country so that this may never happen again." 

On January 15, 2022, the Congregation Beth Israel experienced a terrorist act which led to four worshipers being taken hostage for 11 hours. This resolution highlights four main points:

  1. Stands with the community of Colleyville, the hostages, and all those affected by Saturday’s terrorist act.
  2. Commends the Federal, State, and local law enforcement and emergency responders who responded to Congregation Beth Israel.
  3. Condemns this heinous terrorist act.
  4. Reaffirms our commitment to combat hate, bigotry, antisemitism, and violence against Jewish Americans.

Cosponsors (124): Rep. Veasy, Rep. Brady, Rep. Granger, Rep. John Carter, Rep. Sessions, Rep. Burgess, Rep. McCaul, Rep. Weber, Rep. Roger Williams, Rep. Babin, Rep. Crenshaw, Rep. Gooden ,Rep. Taylor, Rep. Gonzales, T, Rep. Jackson, Rep. Nehls, Rep. Pfluger, Rep. Arrington, Rep. Ellzey, Rep. Cloud, Rep. Sessions, Rep. Gohmert, Rep. Roy, Rep. Johnson, EB, Rep. Doggett, Rep. Vela, Rep. Sylvia Garcia, Rep. Alred, Rep. Scalise , Rep. Stefanik , Rep. Greg Murphy, Rep. Salazar, Rep. Cole, Rep. Wagner, Rep. Owens, Rep. Carol Miller, Rep. Rogers, Rep. Balderson, Rep. Steel, Rep. Fleischmann, Rep. Katko, Rep. Meijer, Rep. Malliotakis, Rep. Walorski, Rep. Wenstrup, Rep. Garbarino, Rep. Rutherford, Rep. Timmons, Rep. Moolenaar, Rep. Upton, Rep. Carl, Rep. Hudson, Rep. Kustoff, Rep. Cheney, Rep. McClintock, Rep. McClain, Rep. Burchett, Rep. Fitzgerald, Rep. Fitzpatrick, Rep. Bilirakis, Rep. McKinley, Rep. Banks, Rep. Huizenga, Rep. Miller-Meeks, Rep. Kelly, Rep. Gibbs, Rep. Bice, Rep. Bill Johnson, Rep. Joe Wilson, Rep. Davidson, Rep. Allen, Rep. Tenney, Rep. Garcia, Rep. Lamborn, Rep. Chris Jacobs, Rep. Hern, Rep. Norman, Rep. Miller, Rep. Lamafa, Rep. Hice, Rep. Steube, Rep. Tiffany, Rep. Cline, Rep. Rouzer, Rep. Williams, Rep. Norman, Rep. Joyce, Rep. Kelly, Rep. Johnson, Rep. Rodney Davis, Rep. Franklin, Rep. Aderholt, Rep. Higgins, Rep. Garett Graves, Rep. Sara Jacobs, Rep. Lucas , Rep. Latta, Rep. Bergman, Rep. Mast, Rep. Hinson, Rep. Schweikert, Rep. Emmer, Rep. Fulcher, Rep. Barry Moore, Rep. Mike Garcia, Rep. Lambourn, Rep. Chris Jacobs, Rep. Dunn, Rep. Hagedorn, Rep. Valadeo, Rep, McMorris-Rodgers, Rep. Mullin, Rep. Mueser, Rep. Stewart, Rep. Foxx, Rep. Keller, Rep. Mooney, Rep. Phillips, Rep. Zeldin, Rep. Waltz, Rep. Cammack, Rep. Donalds, Rep. Harshbarger, Rep. Buck.

Full text of the resolution can be found HERE.


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