Van Duyne Releases Statement on Biden's Vaccine Mandate

I released a statement on President Biden's decision to mandate vaccines for federal workers and employers. Among other overreaching mandates, the executive order will require all government employees, employees of contractors who work with the federal government, healthcare workers and businesses with over 100 employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19. 

Today’s decision by President Biden is the single biggest expansion of governmental power in history. By demanding the vaccination of workers across the federal government as well as all companies over 100 employees, President Biden is requiring 2/3 of the American workforce to turn over sensitive health care records. This is an abuse of the power of the Presidency and unconscionable overreach that must not be allowed.

This mandate sets a dangerous precedent with regards not only to sensitive medical information but in controlling how privately owned businesses run their companies and hire and fire their employees. Additionally, the cost and enforcement is unmanageable and unreasonable.

In an effort to distract Americans from cripplingly high prices at the pump and the grocery store, Americans held hostage by the Taliban after a botched troop withdrawal, unprecedented amounts of drugs pouring across our Southern border, dismal job numbers and fiscal outlooks, and planned tax hikes posed to destroy small businesses, President Biden has set his sights on privacy violating overreach through restrictive vaccine mandates for working Americans.

Texans see the President’s actions for what they are and expect his administration to be held accountable for the catastrophic failure of leadership both home and abroad. As the President relentlessly focuses on growing the reach of the federal government, I’ll continue to fight against this tyrannical regime for healthcare decisions to be made by families and their physicians without the federal government imposing mandates.


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